You Can Do These 6 Things And Still Be A Good Mom

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You Can Do These 6 Things And Still Be A Good Mom

Being a mom is a tough job and it doesn’t come with a main manual that says it has to be done a certain way. In fact, there are many different types of moms out there, and I can guarantee there is no right or wrong. If you love your children and care for them then by all means, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Here are 6 things that moms get told they shouldn’t do, because it supposedly affects their parenting skills:

1. Be messy

We can’t be perfect 100% of the time. But for some reason, there are people out there who have this idea in their minds that moms need to be super clean and organized all the time. I promise you can be messy and a good mom. It is allowed.

2. Get tattoos

Tattooed moms love their children, just like any other good mom on the planet. Just because she has tattoos does not make her a bad mom.

3. Cuss like a sailor

I like to call it… a colorful vocabulary.

But with that being said, as long as you aren’t directly cussing at your kids or teaching them how to say certain words, do your thing girl.

4. Go out/Drink

If you decide to go out for a couple drinks or go hangout with friends it is presumed that you would rather party than be with your children. I think a lot of people forget how much time and effort goes into being a parent. And IT IS OKAY to go out and get away every now and then. I promise it is not the end of the world to have a little fun.

5. Be on social media

For some reason there is this stigma that if you are all over social media then you must not pay attention to your kids, which is complete b.s. I can write a Facebook post or post a picture and still be feeding my kid at the same time.

6. Be Emotional

Supposedly being anything but super peppy and smiling 24/7 is a no-no.

WHAT? Moms have every right to have their moment in “their feelings” and it’s totally okay. Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean she has to hide her feelings or act tough just so her kids don’t see. Kids need to see that it is okay to feel. We are raising humans, not robots.

Lets face it, there are many different ways to parents. There are also many different types of people. Just because you view something as wrong or maybe just ‘different’ doesn’t actually make it a bad thing. It’s time for us to understand that it is okay to have different parenting styles.


About the Author:

Hi, my name is Justice Parker. I am co-owner of this website. I have a passion for writing. And I am a young mom who is fueled by a sassy little girl, strong coffee and loud laughter.