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Why It’s Best To Splurge On Professional Makeup

I have been wearing make-up for almost half of my life.  I’ve done it all.  Experimented with body glitter from Bath and Body Works, wore metallic blue liquid eye liner from Claire’s, used enough bronzer to resemble an Oompa Loompa extra.

I went through my awkward practicing phase of wearing too much black eyeliner, confused subtle and scary, wore the sticky lipgloss despite hating when my hair blew in my face and get stuck on my lips.  You name it, I probably did it.

I never saw the point in spending excessive amounts of money on cosmetics.  I had two separate make-up bins: one for various performances and recitals, the other for every day wear.

Either way, I either went to Walgreens or Walmart for my cosmetic needs and never gave it a second chance.  Then I bought my first Urban Decay Naked Pallet…. and a monster was born!

The benefits of buying professional make-up outweigh the expense you pay.  My skin feels healthier and I notice fewer break-outs.  Add a steady moisturizing regiment and BOOM! Feeling flawless! Still clutching your wallet tight? Here are a few other handy tidbits:

1. Sales reps for local Ulta, Sephora, or other department store cosmetic chains are trained to help you find the perfect make-up for you.  Most sales employees are also cosmetology students, graduates, or have years of experience with cosmetics.  You can trust them to be honest about what you are paying for.

2. Professional make-up is better for you skin than drugstore bought cosmetics.  Everyones skin is different.  Professional cosmetic companies keep this in mind when creating their products.  You are less likely to experience dehydration of your skin or consistent clogging of pores with professional make-up.  You can even find better protection using products with SPF.

3. It lasts longer.  Not just on your face – which seriously, I cannot tell you how awesome it is to not have to travel with more than lipstick and a compact for touch ups! Less touch ups means less use! AND you really can live by the idea that “less is more.”

4. Using brushes over sponges is more hygienic.  You’re using a sponge on your face DAILY.  It’s going from bottle to face and repeat.  Can you imagine how much bacteria is spread from bottle to sponge to face and back again?  Not to say that using a brush means you’re spared from pesky germs, it is easier to clean a brush than a sponge.  Mix together some olive oil and dish soap, swirl your brush in the mix, and rinse! VOILA – all clean! Dry overnight and you’re ready to go for your next use!

If this doesn’t encourage you or even peak your interest in trying professional make-up… check out the various make-up subscription boxes you can join to get your feet wet! My favorite was Ipsy.  I used it for two years before deciding I was pretty set in my beauty routine and brands.  Now I’m addicted.  I love my Urban Decay pallets and Too-Faced contour kit and melted matte lipsticks!

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself… I dare you!


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