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Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary

First off, I want to say happy birthday Usos! The two twins just celebrated their birthday, August 22! Next, I would like to say that I really love the push that World Wrestling Entertainment: Smackdown Live brand is giving the brothers, Jimmy and Jey, but after watching them on the Smackdown Live episode that aired August 22; I’m wondering if they can stay entertaining as they were while feuding with The New Day.

The Usos defeated The New Day during a kickoff event for 2017 SummerSlam, and it’s only so long that a feud can last between two tag teams. The chemistry between the Usos and The New Day matched perfectly, but I’m curious to see what “The Uso Penitentiary” brings against other tag teams on WWE Smackdown Live, such as The Shining Stars; Breezango; The Ascension; Hype Bros, or maybe this new tag team of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.

Out of all the tag teams mentioned, I would have to say that Hype Bros, which is the team of Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are the only team that comes close to bringing the entertainment that the Usos brought against The New Day.

The Usos have a great gimmick that shows the same swag they had in the past, but a more street-like, grimier side, but it will take a tag team with some sort of swagger to keep the microphone chemistry entertaining.

I’m one fan that just happened to look forward to seeing them on past episodes, but let’s just hope that whomever steps up to feud with the Usos; it does not end up to be a bury session for the Usos, because of the chemistry level not being the same.

As a long time, World Wrestling Entertainment fan, I have seen what happens with that, and have heard many different stories from wrestlers on podcasts being interviewed about their experiences with World Wrestling Entertainment. A good perfect example would be with what World Wrestling Entertainment: Raw brand is doing with wrestler Emma.

For all my World Wrestling Entertainment fans, I’m sure you remember the promos of Emmalina, introducing this new character, which was supposed to be a big deal, but now the push with Emma has dropped, and she is nothing more than what she was before this character push.

Emma, is just another stepping stone for other female wrestlers to get the push that she once deserved, but that is just an example.

Hopefully, the Usos do not get that same treatment, but I’m sure they would take it differently than Emma has, because they have been around the wrestling business a lot longer than Emma, and have been at the bottom and risen to the top, before this new push. For more information on Emma, an article by Raja titled “Emmalina is frustrated with her debut on Raw” breaks it down more detailed.


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