I Want to Change the World and I Refuse to Fail

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I Want to Change the World and I Refuse to Fail

From a very young age I was not okay with the world was. I grew up reading about wars and violence in news papers. Each morning on the news there was a new school shooting or bombing somewhere.

Not much has changed during these years. The only difference between now and then is how that news is delivered to my eyes. Instead of on physical paper it’s now through screens.

Being a writer isn’t the best way to go about this. But I’ve wanted to change the world. I can’t agree with the way this world is heading. I’m not talking about your partisanship ( or lack thereof ).

I’m talking about the global socio-economic climate as a whole. We live in a world where neighbors don’t know one another. Where children are so monitored and regulated it’s live we’re living in 1984 ( the book ).

I’ve thought about going into politics but I’m not exactly sure my policies would be exactly popular. Hell, I don’t think I’d even win a race if I entered one. There’s something missing from our society. There’s no love in the world.

There’s so much hate, so much bigotry and so much violence. I’m not going to mention any political officials by name or party. But there’s a good many people in power who down right shouldn’t be. And it infuriates me.

We’re living under the same policy makers as our parents. And in some rare cares our parent’s parents. That’s not right. Those policies at the very least should be adjusted and reformed to reflect the new society.

To benefit and not constrict the next generation. Yes, I’m a millennial and I don’t give a damn. You can’t label me by the generation I was born in because it’s convenient.

We’re people. We shouldn’t be talked down to and scolded for our parents choices. We shouldn’t be shouldering the blame for failing housing markets. We shouldn’t be put to the vices for oppressive wage cuts and stifling job opportunities.

Yes, we’ve changed the game. We’re doing exactly what our parents taught us to do. Adapt and overcome.

I want to change the world. I don’t mean for me. I don’t mean for you. And certainly not for our parents. For our children. For those who haven’t yet begin to fight. For those who haven’t yet developed a voice of their own.

They deserve the fighting chance I squandered. Those children deserve well paying jobs and fine educations. They deserve everything we take and have taken for granted.

I don’t want to let them down. I refuse to let them down.


About the Author:

Hi, my name is Matthew Wilson. I have an obsession for testing my writing limits. And I am a young father whose veins are filled with coffee, Diet Mountain Dew and World of Warcraft. twitter: @octoberprose Facebook: www.facebook.com/octoberprose

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