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Unboxing StyleTone September 2017

🍁It is autumn.. time to spend more time at home and make it homy ánd time for a new unboxing of the StyleTonebox of September..

The StyleTonebox is a monthly subscription box with 5 full-size beautyproducts.. the products are mostly vegan.. made of natural ingrediënts and never tested on animals..

To begin with the 1st product in the box.. a carton little box with oil blotting sheets with green tea.. you use these for your face.. the sheets absorb the oil in your face, minimalizes the pores and mattifies the skin

These sheets were allready used in the 16th centure by the Japanese lady’s, they allready new the benefits of these sheets 😀

In this box of the brand “Beauty Made Easy” are 80 sheets and they normaly cost €7,89



The 2th what is in the box is a very nice eyeshadow of the brand Lookx and the fun thing about this is that you can put another color in this magnetic box.. if your eyeshadow is empty or you just want another color..

This eyeshadow with magnetic box normaly cost €20



The 3th product is a waterproof eyebrow pencil of the brand “Ofra Cosmetics” and cost €11

Normaly i use a powder to shape my eyebrows so i’m curious if i like to use this pencil and/or this gives another effect..

Something New to try.. i Love That!

Happily the color of the pencil is brown so it fits almost everyone..



Product nr 4 is a waterproof black mascara of Ariane Inden and was available in a black, gold or silver packaging.. mine is silver, see picture.. the name of Ariane Inden is beautyfully engraved in the silver packaging, what gives the mascara a luxe, unique look..

My mascara was almost empty.. so this new mascara was very welcome in my mailbox 😀

Normaly this mascara cost €16,75




The last product is a primer of “BeeBee Cosmetics”.. a product that i wanted to try out lately because this is a trend in Beautyland lately too..

You bring on the primer on your face after you applied your daycream and after that you bring on your make-up.. because of the primer your make-up last longer on your face..

There is vitamine A, E and C in this primer, so extra caring for your skin..


The primer cost €19,95



There is also a coupon in the box of Ariane Inden what gives a €5 discount on a beautytreatment or a purchase in their webshop of a minimum spending of €25 and a mini-magazine of StyleTone with an explanation of all the products in the box +what they cost..


I also tried these products on my face and this time it was especialy for the eyes (mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil).. see pic

The eyebrow pencil was new to me, (normaly i use grey eyeshadow), but i can work with this pencil too, the color also fits me.. the eyeshadow i brought on the eyelid and above, i think this is a nice dark september color with a metallic shine.. ♡i like it if the colors in the box matches with the theme/month were in♡.. the mascara i would like a little more expressive with longer, fuller lashes.. i brought this on the lower and upper lashes..


Would you also like to try out the StyleTone Box? StyleTone delivers in almost every country in Europe.. you can use this link https://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=27465

Right now StyleTone has a great action that is valid until 15 octobre.. if you become a member you will get an extra box with a value worth more than €30 (for free).. use this code for that STF27465

Hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully see you in my next blog Beautyloverrss! ♡♡♡





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I write about fashion for my own webstore and each month i write a blog about the unboxing of the Styletonebox with beautyproducts..once i a while i write a lifestyle blog 🙂