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Unboxing the Styletone box of November

The styletone box of november arrived again with 5 brand new products.. exciting..

Grab a cup of tasty choco and macarons for example 😉 and read allong with this november unboxing..

The styletone box is a monthly beautybox with 5 full- size products in it that you can try out for only 12,50 each month.. in the Netherlands.. styletone also deliver their boxes to other European country’s too.. you can find these shippingcosts on their website..

Let’s unpack it 🙂


The 1st product in this box is a eyeshadow paillete by Christian Faye.. there are 4 shades in the box.. we could recieve a grey or a bleu (shades) box.. looks like i have the bleu one.. i would like to create a smokey eye effect with this new paillete.. this paillete normaly cost 15,95



False eye lashes.. but individualy.. i love it.. i am a huge fan of long, full eye lashes and am a little clumsy to bring on normal fake eye lashes (the visible line of these lashes i stick always above my own lashes in one or the other way) 😉

But it looks to me there is no way with that with these individual lashes.. we shall see

These false lashes are of the brand Paese and a box with 60 lashes cost 12,00



This one looks nice for the holidays ahead or a night out.. a shimmer roll by Bella Piere in a champagne color.. you can use it as a highlighter on the eyes, cheekbone, lips, but also on your body for an extra sparkly effect..

This one normaly cost 20



The next product is a mask by Beautanic Beauty and these sheet- masks came over from South- Korea and are a huge trend there in beautyland..

The sheets are soaked with a serum and you put this on your face for about 15 till 20 minutes.. after you pull this paper sheet of.. you tap the rest of the serum into your skin.. nice

The colorful package of this sheet allready makes me happy and there are a lot of fruit- extracts in it like: papaya, lemon, kiwi, tomato, and strawberry.. this alone is allready great for your skin right? 😀

This one is a radiant glow mask and gives your skin a youthful boost..

This one cost 6,-



The last product allready is a cc cream by Youth Lab and cost 14,95

It is a corrective cream with a tint, hydrates the skin with vitamins and protects your skin against solar UV.. love it!

It can be used as a foundation and as a base for your make- up



I tried all these products out on my face and i think the shimmer roll can perfectly used for the holiday’s ahead with a feastly sparkle 🙂

The mask in the box is used the night before, after i peeled it off my face after 20 minutes on my face.. my skin felt dry and teary.. after a while my skin felt smoother and the next morning i had a youthful glow on my skin.. so this mask does wat it promises, this is not Always the case with every mask .. i like it..

The foundation gives a beige effect and i putt it on my whole face.. on my eye- lids i brought on all the colors of the paillette, the lightest (cream) color in the cornor of my eyes and darker to the outher- side.. and under my eyes al line with the darkest color

First i brought on a mascara and let it dry well.. then i brought on the individual lashes.. i put 4 lashes on each eye.. i think these individual lashes are easyer to bring on then the regular ones, because there is no edge on it, this looks more natural and you put them easily between your own lashes with a tweezer.. sometimes one lash goes skewed.. but hey for the first time it could be more clumsy..

I brought the shimmer roll on my lips and under my eyebrows for a shimmery effect.. this i like very much for the comming holiday’s

On the foto below you see the fake lashes closeby..

i285697114388048054._szw480h1280_                                                                                                               These products are not tested on animals, mostly vegan and have natural ingredients♡

Would you like to try out one of this boxes too? You can follow this link https://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=27465

Hope to see you in my next blog BeautyLoverss! Love Ya♡





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