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My Top 10 Songs That Had Me at Hello

Some songs simply hit you straight out the gate.  From the moment the “needle drops” you feel the energy of the track and it excites you for what’s about to go down.  These are songs that bring a crowd to the dance floor, spark a memory or have you saying, “Aww this is my jam!”.  From the classics to the music of today, these songs transcend age and time.   Here is  a  list of my favorite “you had me at hello” songs:


Jump Around – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t recognize this intro that sounds like the entrance of royalty.  Wait just a second and everyone is jumping around!  I’m pretty sure this is on Queen Elizabeth’s playlist.  If not, it should be. 


Planet Rock – “Partay people.  Can ya’ll get funky?”.  Yes, we can! If by chance you do not know this song, put it on right now.  It may feel like it lasts 20 minutes, but you’ll enjoy every minute of this high energy track.


When Doves Cry – So many Prince songs to choose from but I pick this one because I love everything that comes after that freakin’ hot intro.  Every.Single.Thing!  This is what it sounds like when magic happens.


There and Back Again – As a Daughtry fan, I had to make sure he was on the list.  This is not one of his hits but the bass that opens this up makes me tingle.  Then the electric guitar hits you in your face…yasss!


Let’s Get It On – Sexy.  Just Sexy.  You can’t start a song with this title any other way.  Pretty sure even millennials will one day conceive their babies to this song. 


That’s What I Like – Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! – Bruno Mars is a star.  This song makes you dance as soon as you hit play.  And have you seen the video? Shut up, Bruno!  A person would simply have to  be comatose not to move their body when this comes on.


Lose Yourself – And I’m not even an Eminem fan.  Head nodding as soon as those 8th notes hit my eardrums.


Dead or Alive – I don’t know of any other song that jumps right at you with the perfect mix of rock and country.  You’re not sure how he did it but you love it because that intro let’s you know JBJ is about to do something different.  And then he hits you with that lyric, “I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all”.  Yes you did, Mr. Bon Jovi.  Well done, Dude!


Crazy In Love – Your girlfriends may not tell you, but there’s not a one of them that doesn’t do the high stepping Beyoncé walk and twirl when they hear this intro.  Not one. 


Papa Was A Rolling Stone – This should be the theme song for all bad guys.  Especially the ones that women are drawn too, knowing damn well they are no good.  Deep bass, bad ass, no good, but man he’s sexy.  Just like this song from start to finish.  



So hard to limit it to 10 but I think it’s a great cross section of music and probably gives you a glimpse into my eclectic musical taste.  I’d love to hear from you guys, too!  What are some of your favorite intros?


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