The Ultimate Best Friend’s Bucket List You Need in Your Life

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The Ultimate Best Friend’s Bucket List You Need in Your Life

Your best friend is basically your soulmate. They’re always up for the next outrageous adventure, a much-needed vent session, or just a night in with a bottle of wine and hours of Netflix.

Since you’re obviously going to grow old together, this bucket list is full of things you should do together between now and the time you’re 75 and sitting on a porch with all your grandkids talking about the good old days.

1. Go on a super long road-trip

2. Get matching tattoos

3. Go to the nearest big city and shop for an entire day

4. Have a spa day

5. Go on a booze cruise

6. Take a billion selfies

7. Create your own Instagram hashtag

8. Watch an entire TV series in one sitting

9. Do a Pinterest craft together

10. Have a Disney movie marathon

11. Lay in bed all day and cuddle

12. Go to the beach and people watch

13. Come up with an extremely long, cool handshake

14. Eat a full tub of ice cream in one sitting

15. Eventually, try and get pregnant at the same time so your babies can be BFF’S.

16. Hunt for antiques at a Flea Market

17. Bake some cakes. And some cupcakes. Oh, and cookies

18. Go to a drive-in movie

19. Make a pizza

20. Go for a drive with no destination and just blare the music and sing your hearts out

21. Build a fort and have a sleepover in it

22. See who can accumulate the most phone numbers on a night out

23. Go to a concert

24. Ride a roller coaster

25. Be each other’s maids-of-honor

26. Be roomies for a period of time

27. Then buy houses right next to each other

28. Make friendship bracelets

29. Road-trip to Disney and pretend like you are kids again

30. Ride elephants

31. Go wine tasting

32. Give each other makeovers

33. Create a dance routine

34. Make a montage video of all your best moments together

35. Adopt puppies

36. Go to the zoo

37. Write a song

38. Plan out your futures

39. Spend your life savings at Sephora

40. Wear matching outfits

41. Finish everything on the bucket list

And make sure to cherish every moment of this friendship, because good friends don’t come around often. And best friends are even harder to find.


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