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Stock Up on Baby Stuff- For FREE

It’s the holiday season! The greatest but most stressful time of the year!

Every year I see tons of posts from people talking about how they cannot afford to get their kids anything for Christmas. I always try to help where I can, but sometimes I just can’t do it all, so I created a list to easily help out all families! Best part is, you can do all these things from your mobil phone! They are all free to use as well! I use all the apps I am about to tell you about, Let’s get started!


I am actually using this site as we speak! there are all different ways to earn points on this app, you exchange your points for real gift cards OR get paid cash via paypal! it depends how much time you spend on this, I make roughly 2,000- 3,000 points a day, which is about $2-3 dollars. You don’t get rich, but that really adds up fast! I actually used this app to buy a years worth of diapers and wipes for my child! It does take some time to do, but it really pays off!


I am sure you are familiar with this app, it’s very simple, you watch videos, take surveys, play games (all 100% free) you earn “rolls” which turn into tickets, exchange your tickets for tons of prizes! it’s all 100% free you don’t even pay shipping! it’s all through amazon so you get good quality items. I’ve actually been using this to get my kids clothes and school supplies!

How to get more for your dollar:

To make sure you get the most for your gift card, I always got babies r us gift cards. They have the best reward program. for every $1 you spend you get a point (and yes that counts when you use a gift card)  for every 125 points you get $5, it takes time to rack up the points, but after stocking up on diapers and other baby items used with those gift cards, i was able to buy three boxes of wipes 100% for free!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this is able to help you!



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