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How to Side-Hustle Like A Boss

Day by day life is getting more expensive.  Gas rarely goes under $2.15, and those amazing days when it hits $1.90 – you don’t even need gas!  If you are currently living in a budgets and bankrupt state **coughILLINOIScough* taxes are increasing and your paycheck is decreasing.  You find yourself saying no to fun things because you have to save every cent you can to make next month’s rent or mortgage or car payment or whatever.  You know you’ve officially hit financial rock bottom when you have to severely cut out the one thing that gives you a smile every day (sorry, Starbucks).

So how do you keep yourself floating in the semi-good life and avoid reverting back to college days of ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Here are some handy tips!

1. Apply for Food Stamps. Sure it’s not glamorous and welfare isn’t a permanent fix; but if you can save $100 of your paycheck spent on groceries, it’s worth it!  Save that money in a special place you cannot easily get a hold of until you feel like you’re finances are sturdy enough that you no longer need assistance. Like someone told me the other day, you’re paying taxes right? And you’re actively trying to get a better paying job? Then why the hell do you consider yourself unworthy of assistance? It’s there for a reason. USE IT! – Just a side note, USE IT don’t ABUSE IT!

2. Start a Blog/Vlog. These take time to really get off the ground; but once you get a solid following you’ll see a great difference in your bank account.  Even if it only ends up being $10 here and there, it’s still TEN DOLLARS! If that’s not enough for you then… maybe the next tip will..

3. Try Freelance Writing. Sometimes newspapers or websites or pop culture followings hire freelance writers for their social media coverage.  Depending on the subject of the hiring company, you could write on loads of different topics.  Check out: The LALA or even googling Freelance Writing Gigs. You’re guaranteed to find something of interest if you put effort into it.

4. Offer Self Services. You are your best asset.  Do you have a knack for cleaning? Or maybe you love being around animals? Think kids are great (especially when you can give them back)? Pimp yourself out – and I mean this 100% in the legal sense!  Sign up for babysitting or caregiver job sites and let the people come to you!  Or even check out the local classifieds.  I’d even recommend Craigslist as long as you do heavy research before making a commitment (some people/places are legit).

5. Purge your Closet. Are you a clothing hoarder? Go through your closet, dresser, armoir, WHATEVER, and ask yourself: have I worn this in the last year? If the answer is no TOSS IT!  But before you decide to donate to Goodwill or Salvation army (which is ALWAYS a good choice!) try out your local consignment shops.  Plato’s Closet is always looking for gently used popular styles (teen to early twenties) to add to their inventory; and Clothes Mentor is a great place to check out if you have any professional wear or women’s items.  If neither of those places work and you know your items are worth something there are APPS for that! Try – Let Go, Tradsey, or Poshmark.

6. (Facebook) Garage Sales.  Sometimes the best way to get rid of stuff you no longer want, use, or need is through a garage sale.  If you are like me and live in an apartment… it’s pretty difficult to set up a garage sale – enter Facebook!  Sell your clothes, household items, books, movies, appliances, whatever!  You’d be surprised at how fast it goes!


There are so many ways to get a little extra cash when you need it.  The hardest part is sticking to the search for what you want to do.  Most of the stuff listed above are things you can manage around you daily schedule – again, it takes dedication too.  You have to keep up a presence for your little side-hustle.  Just keep faith and it will happen!


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Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm addicted to Starbucks and my pomeranian Tinkerbell. If I could name one thing I would want my readers to take from my posts it would be that their reactions to my words are theirs alone. I cannot force you to feel what I feel when I write. So always take responsibility and find meaning in the world as it best applies to you.

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  1. Thomas Gouard August 5, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    OMG! I totally love this, and can definitely relate. I do castings; sell on eBay; blog; write; and have monetized video’s on YouTube! All to make extra cash! I’ve seriously thought about the food stamps too, hehe.

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