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Reasons to Attend a Master Class at Ulta

So one of the best parts of being a woman is the fluid ability to change your outward appearance.  You can change your hairstyle, your clothes, how you wear your make-up.  Our world is full of possibility!  If you follow my blogs, you’ve probably read my Why it’s Best to Splurge on Professional Makeup (If not, click the link to check it out!); consider this a follow up to the benefits of embracing professional makeup!

My favorite makeup brands are: Urban Decay, Tarte, and Too Faced.  I also love to use NYX when I want that professional feel at a graduate student price.  Anyways, so today I had the chance to learn from the masters of Urban Decay!  A team of make-up artists across the midwest who master in Urban Decay came to little Springfield, IL to teach a few lucky ladies some tips and tricks using UD products.

**All product links will be included throughout the post, so if you’re interested in checking them out just click on the product name and it will take you straight to the Ulta sight**

A little backstory on the classes, they are like gems – precious and few.  Sometimes you’re lucky to get the dish on the when and where, other times you might miss out.  Either way, when you get the chance TAKE IT!  For $85 you get the full two hour session on application technique with the masters.  You’ll learn a little about the benefits of utilizing certain products on your skin – which is best for dry/oily types, what will give you a more gloss/matte look, how to maintain the look throughout the day.  Other tips include creating a bold look in the fewest steps, using what you have to get you what you want, how to step out of your comfort zone with your routine. PLUS! The money you spend for the class you get your full money back in a gift card AND some awesome going away swag!

Today’s class was coordinated along the Naked Heat and All-Nighter line; and I am OBSESSED!  I’ve already dipped my toes into some of the all-nighter products – specifically the B6 priming spray and De-Slick setting spray; but it was great playing with the full coverage foundation, setting powders, and contour kits.  Also, finally got some better tips on how to tame my brows!

While it was great working on my technique with my face application routine, I was definitely more excited to get my hands on the eyeshadows and lipsticks!  I already had the Naked Heat palette but I honestly don’t mess with the colors too much.  After today, that is totally changing! I learned how to use the bold colors to the advantage of my fair skin tone.  PLUS major push outside my comfort zone. As soon as I got that perfect smokey eye, I broke out of my anti-glitter shell and broke into the glitter.

Also, I learned that I have been using my brushes wrong! OR the use of brushes keep changing… Either way, there’s always room to grow and improve your makeup routine; and there were women from mid teens to early sixties at this event! Everyone was catered to for their preferences and we all had a great time!

My love for Urban Decay has blossomed into something special! I’m not sure my make-up collection can handle much more… which means it’s probably time to throw the old stuff out and stop being such a hoarder.

Overall, I would 150% recommend attending a master class with Ulta when you get a chance! It is worth every penny and I have enough between samples and the gift card to last me a while!!  I did enjoy the All-nighter brand, but I think I’ll stick with my Naked concealers and foundation.

For any of my followers wanting to look into the products I use:

Some of the products aren’t UD; but hey, gotta love a little variation!!! Eventually, I will probably completely transition into UD.  If you’re looking for more information on tips I learned or follow-up with how I use the products – comment below – and keep an eye out for a potential How To VLOG!


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