Xiaomi MI5s, Why I Buy Only Imported Chinese Smart Phones

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Xiaomi MI5s, Why I Buy Only Imported Chinese Smart Phones

First and foremost, why would I even want to pursue purchasing a Chinese Xiaomi smartphone? I was fed up with paying 700$ or more for a smart phone here in the States; so I started researching Chinese cell phone manufacturers. I thought maybe it was an opportunity to save me some cash and at the same time have the latest and greatest technology.

On average, I spend between 250$-350$ on a Xiaomi smart phone, and they have the same technology that the most recent Samsung, Google and Apple smart phones have.  The only obvious difference is that they are sold at a fraction of the cost.

Xiaomi has been the number one selling smart phone for many years in China. I really encourage anyone looking for an alternative to look into this company.

-Do they work with my cell phone provider? Here is the current and ONLY pitfall. I know they work on AT&T and Cricket flawlessly. I wouldn’t recommend if you have Verizon or Sprint to pursue this cell phone manufacturer. It has to do with the technology Verizon and Sprint use, which is CDMA. This is a GSM compatible cellular device which makes it only compatible with AT&T and Cricket.

-Where do I buy this never heard of cell phone? I have bought all my Xiaomi devices on Gearbest.com, they are legit! However they do ship from China or Japan. I recommend using the Expedited shipping method through this website because it is DHL and it is very cheap! Typically a few dollars and it comes within 3-5 days. Not bad!

-Do they come in English? Yes – Gearbest will even recognize when you purchase the phone where it was purchased and will update the language for you.

-DIU? – Andriod! All your google email, play store for apps, play music  & facebook all work as they would on any other andriod device!

-My Favorite Features? My Mi5s has the best camera I have ever used on a cell phone. This phone is super fast, has front and rear camera, unlocked, finger print scanner, scrolling screen shots, 4k video & fast charging. Insert the sim card and go.

You will need to setup your APN manually.  This is used for internet and picture messaging. Just ask the representative to set it up when transferring over the SIM card.

I recommend researching  & comparing the current available models. My current favorite, and I’ve had many – is obviously the Xiaomi MI5s. I recommend using https://xiaomi-mi.us/ to help you compare specifications.





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