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We have Pinko in our shop and i thought it would be nice to know some more about this brand..Pinko is not a familiar brand to me but their clothes and accesoires are of high quality and are showed by supermodels.. so they are well-known in Fashionland..

Pinko was established in 1986 in Fidenza (Italy) by Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini (see picture below).. they have 150 stores worldwide, are in 1400 Multi- brand stores and have 8 outlet stores in Italy.. Pinko is known for their high quality clothes and accesoires made for the modern lady with self- confidence..

In Pietro’s own words the woman of today has a busy schedule, but still wants to look lady- like.. therefore he designs comfortable clothes, of high quality and looks good to..

Their daughters Cecilla and Katherina also work in their company and are responsible for the communication and coordination in their company..




Famous people who have worked for Pinko are supermodels Naomi Campbell, Elle McPherson, Eva Herzigova, Frankie Rayder, Erin Wasson, Carmen Cass and famous singer Mariah Carey..



A Pinko party in 2007 for Mariah Carey as their “new face”


Mariah Carey commercial for Pinko





In 2016 Pinko made an agreement with Coca Cola for a cooperation together for 3 seasons.. so from now on we can expect one more season with a unique collection of the cooperation between Pinko and Coca Cola..

Pinko wil combine these collections with their glamour and streetsyle and popculture together in a sparkly collection of the iconic colors of Coca Cola and their own glamoury style..



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