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Remove The Non progressive Sticker When Taking About Cerebral Palsy


Remove The Non-progressive sticker when talking about CP

Cerebral Palsy,  which is the most common childhood disability in the world, with 17 million affected by CP (myself being one of them.) I was told from a very young age, that my cerebral palsy would either get worse or it would not.

“Okay, well that’s great. Thanks for […]

Music: The Language Known by All


Hans Christian Anderson said it best: Where words fail, music speaks.  Music allows us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot match.  For those who struggle expressing their emotions, music becomes their voice.

I remember growing up in a home where music was always around me.  My daily soundtrack included soft ballads in the mornings, […]

How Can You Not Love Someone With Autism?


You can’t help but to love someone that has autism, because there in their own little world, and the only time you have any turmoil with them, is when their world has been disrupted.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines autism as a variable developmental disorder that appears by age three and is characterized by impairment of […]

20 Reasons That Prove We Are Watching ‘Big Paul’ Instead of Big Brother


I truly believe choosing to bring Paul back automatically sent this season into the ground. And what is sad about that, is Paul isn’t even a ‘master manipulator’, he is just surrounded by a bunch of unmotivated, boring house guests.

No one in that house, aside from Paul, knows how to play the game and if […]

Why I Believe There Is Zero Logic In Regret



Yeah, you read right. There’s nothing worse than regret. There’s nothing worse than looking back and seeing what you should have done. Or hearing the words you should have said repeatedly in your head.

Regret, it’s a spiraling bomb locked inside your cerebral cortex. But what is the actual cause and weight of this regret? What […]

5 Reasons Why Resting B*tch Face is Just Part of Life


RBF is the newest ailment sweeping the nation.  People are walking around town, sitting at their desks or waiting in line at the movies with hideous scowls on their faces.

RBF, or Resting Bitch Face, has caused people at “rest” to appear mean instead of serene.

I’ve been trying to uncover the why’s behind this affliction and […]