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The Struggle Before The Triumph in being in a Long-Distance Relationship


Long-distance relationships are hard. And when I say that I don’t mean because of the obvious. Unlike The T.V. Show, 90-Day Fiancee, Chris and I don’t glorify our relationship with cameras. That is not “reality” to us by any means.  Reality involves family, tears, frustration, pain, joy. It means living life as if the person […]

Coming Face to Face with Vulnerability


“Vulnerability is at the core, the center, of meaningful human experiences.”

-Brené Brown

Learning to be vulnerable is a pretty big undertaking, but it’s also a necessary step in the direction of healthy relationships. Self-care has become a priority for me, and having connections with people I can count on is a huge […]

Are We Witnessing the Reuniting of The Shield?


During September 25th episode of World Wrestling Entertainment: Monday Night Raw, we saw The Miztourage, which is the team of Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and The Miz, mock The Shields fist bump, after the three beat-down Roman Reins.

This week, on October 2nd episode, we saw The Miztourage enter the ring from the audience; just like […]

Finding Peace in Pain, When Hopelessness Overwhelms


I remember it vividly, the day my husband made a work call and finished with the life altering words, “The board and I will talk and decide if you will continue working here.”

My heart sank and yet I was certain I misunderstood. He spoke to share information with his boss and ended it with a […]

Worth the Wait: 3 Ways to Reach the Marriage You Desire



One of my biggest pet peeves is waiting. I particularly hate waiting for something to not have it come when expected. It’s the worse.

Let me clarify, I loathe the anticipation of an event; the evaluation with a supervisor, the results of a test, I resort […]

Boxer Andre Ward Announces Retirement


This past week, via his website, Andre S.O.G. (“Son of God”) Ward announced his retirement from boxing at the age of 33.

Andre Ward, who is the unified light heavyweight champion, and recognized as the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer leaves the sport with a flawless 32-0 record; having held the World Boxing Association Super World Light […]