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Unboxing the Styletone box of November


The styletone box of november arrived again with 5 brand new products.. exciting..

Grab a cup of tasty choco and macarons for example 😉 and read allong with this november unboxing..

The styletone box is a monthly beautybox with 5 full- size products in it that you can try out for only 12,50 each month.. in the Netherlands.. […]

The New Beauty-line with Natural Rose-oil


Our company 1FashionGlobal exists now about 1 1/2 year and extends more and more out.. in addition to clothing and accesoires, we now have our own beautyline for men and woman.. developed by someone by our own company “Francisco Gomez Leon”.. he is our Director of marketing and has more then 15 years of experience as […]

(Thirty) Six Degrees of Separation


It’s amazing the way lives cross paths. How another’s story collides into your own. Yesterday Mom and I walked down to the new Public Market outside Josh’s apartment. I was hoping to see fresh produce and deluxe gourmet coffees and the fresh-from-her-kitchen baker’s wares. Mostly I was hoping to get away from myself […]