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There is no God, But That’s Ok

*The following article does not represent the viewpoints of Scripted Sweetz, it is solely the opinion of the contributor.

Throughout history mankind has used the idea of deity to reconcile things that they could not understand.

The sun moves across the sky, so someone must be pulling it etc… but as we became higher minded beings, applying science and logic where mysticism and magic used to rule we learned that these things could be explained by natural forces.

Still, the one unknown and by definition will likely remain unknown is “what happens when we die?”.

You’ll notice that is the question the remaining religions try to answer. Its very comforting to think that at the end of one’s life we will get to do something else, we will go somewhere better. It’s nice to believe, unfortunately when something is enjoyable to believe it means you are biased.

A wise man once said ” I would suggest you believe nothing without evidence” I believe this is indeed the best way to live a life. It’s the kind of thinking that gave us modern medicine, cell phones, cars, etc.

It does however tend to leave us with a sense of existential dread. If I die, and nothing else happens. I’m just gone. then what was the purpose. Everything is meaningless.

It has come to seem to me however that exactly the opposite is true.

Knowing that I will die and all will be for naught in no way changes your experience, save for the one fact that you now are in charge of what is meaningful. No set of doctrine, no holy man gets to tell you what is important.

You decide what is important.

When there is no such thing as inherit value, but there is the value that we place.

For me it underscores our responsibility to help create a positive experience for all those around us, and those we share this lifetime with. Not so we can go to heaven when we die, but so the experience of existing was the best that it could be.





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