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My Most Prized Possession: The King Poem

 I was only 27

When I was sent to heaven

I left my little boy behind

My most prized posession

I hate that I can’t be with you or hold you in my arms

I don’t know what you think of me.. of why I left your side

But I know you feel it in your heart that we will never part

When you swing real high and feel a funny feeling in your tummy

That’s just me holding you, Chris’s little mummy

Whenever you get scared at night

Just close your eyes, I’ll hold you tight

One day when you’re old enough you will understand

Why mommy isn’t there with you to play or hold your hand

Just know that I am proud of you

No matter what you choose to do

Whenever you feel sad and lonely and you miss my love

Know I have a great view of you from where I’m sitting up above

I’m sorry I won’t be there as you grow and learn

I’ve had so much fun with you and now it’s daddy’s turn

To teach you what is right and wrong

To help you grow real tall and strong

Don’t be scared to talk to me before you go to bed and pray

Cuz mommy loves you Chris, each and every day

I was only 27

When I was sent to heaven

I left my little boy behind…

My most prized possession

R.I.P. Monica King

I wrote this for her the night she passed away. I was going to read it at her rosary (viewing), and I couldn’t… It’s true when people say, you never know how much time you have left. To this day, I can’t believe she’s gone. It’s been 6 years and I still expect a call or text from her. I miss her so much.




About the Author:

Single mom of 5 amazing kiddos. I'm an ASL mom. I love to read and write, although I don't do it as often or as much as I'd like to. Life gets in the way, but I take advantage of every second I have to myself by sleeping. Lol. I love my babies and would do anything to make them proud to have me as a mom!