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Mom, Wife, Student, Worker……..

I wake up, I get my son ready for school so I can go to work.

I get off work, go home to start dinner then possibly squeeze some time in for the gym before its bedtime. Then bath time for Wyatt and have to get him ready for bed. In all of that there isn’t really time for studying.

On a school day I get Wyatt ready for school, put something in the crock pot, drop him off then I have exactly a hour sometimes thirty minutes for the gym then shower and take the two hour drive to school. I am literally gone all day.

I get home just in time to tuck him in, get me a bite before bed and pass out.

I feel like I have no identity, I am just a mom then a worker then a student, there is no Cheyenne.

I know a lot of mom’s like this. They feel like they are to busy to be their own person, like they can’t slow down because if they do they will never catch up again. How do you find that balance?

My husband and I have learned to make the most of our time. We do the laundry together since we don’t get much time together.

That’s the time we spend catching up. There isn’t much room in the kitchen but when either of us cook we both stay in the room and just talk.  I spend at least a hour a day with my son playing or just talking.

He loves to help me put up laundry or just lay on the couch and cuddle. That is our time to just be with each other. My personal time is at the gym. I love going to the gym just to jog. I can really relax and not think about anything, just my breath and my music.

Work is a whole different monster. The best thing you can do is leave that bad boy at your place of employment. I share funny stories about work but I never bring the stress of the day home with me. My home life is to enjoy my family.

Learning to balance all of this has been a difficult act but Joey has been the biggest help. I could never thank God enough for sending that man into my life. He has been the best father, an amazing husband. I really couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.

The most important part in my opinion is my support circle. I know if I need someone to talk to or if I need help with anything I have surrounded myself with good people that will always be there for me and my family.

Who you surround yourself with will impact how you live your daily life. I would love to finish this with a quote that really touched my life when I needed it.

“Train your mind to see the good in every situation”

When you’re feeling confused or can’t see the good, which we often do when we can’t find the right balance, go to this quote.

Find the positive in the negativity of the world.


About the Author:

Hi all! I'm Cheyenne. I am married to the man of my dreams with a almost 3 year old from a previous marriage. We love to explore the outdoors and teach our child. We love that our relationship is based around our faith and hope our children have the same.

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  1. Thomas Gouard November 11, 2017 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Great story, and mindset, Cheyenne

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