Makeup Isn’t Some Cure For Insecurity, It’s Art

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Makeup Isn’t Some Cure For Insecurity, It’s Art

When guys, or people that do not wear makeup,  think of girls and makeup, usually, they think of us as being insure about the way we look or we are trying to impress someone. For the most part, that’s not true. We might put for a little more effort when we go out or are doing something different. Maybe we will try that bright red lipstick or give that winged eyeliner tutorial a try that’s been sitting in your watch later queue.

“You wear makeup so you must hate yourself”

“You shouldn’t have to rely on makeup to look good”

“Why do you wear makeup? You look better without all of that?”

“When are you going to embrace your natural beauty?”

These are are questions and statements that people that wear makeup at one point or another have heard or still hear. It’s not a compliment nor is it a way to tear us down but in a way it’s just in the category of unnecessary.

Makeup is a form of self expression. Whether  it be a little foundation and some mascara or the whole 9 yards with the highlighting and contouring. Special effect, theater and drag are also different forms of makeup that we see and if you like makeup on any level, you’ll have an appreciation for all these forms.It’s an art and a very beautiful one at that and sometimes, maybe people don’t think about makeup when they see it and often are in awe.

Your favorite slasher film with blood and gore that you have seen over and over, it’s makeup. Your favorite model that you love and wanna meet one day, she has a great makeup artist. A great part of CGI with shows and movies, they use makeup. Your favorite sports player, he wore great foundation and mascara during his last interview because his publicist told him it mad him look more alive on tv.

Something that a lot of people might not be aware of, is the make up can date back to well over 6000 years ago. But it came in more notably be traced back to Egypt. They wore it to looked more polished if they were in a higher class and this also found its way to The Victorian era of London. If you were a man of high wealth or high power, there was a chance you wore makeup to not appear like others who were not in the same financial class as you.

Besides all of that, Makeup isn’t some form of a cure for insecurity. And it’s not something that people do to look for the approval of others nor is it something that people do to hear the disapproval of others. Make up is simply an art that some more than others can appreciate. Even if you are someone that may feel as if you do need it, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you should love what you see everyday






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