If Your Friends Are Only ‘Kind Of’ There For You, It’s Time To Ditch Them

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If Your Friends Are Only ‘Kind Of’ There For You, It’s Time To Ditch Them

Life is too short to waste time on anything that doesn’t make you completely happy, especially friendships. You deserve to be surrounded by loving, caring people who are genuinely interested in your life, how your day was, or what new things are going on with you.

If your friends are only “kinda, sorta there for you,” and if you find yourself putting more energy them than they put into you, it might be time to start looking very hard at who your real friends are. It’s time to stop making excuses and compromising for sub-par friends just because you’re afraid of being alone.

Friendships aren’t about the number of Instagram pictures you and your “friends” have together, nor is it about the number of clothes that they have left at your house.

Ditch the fakes. Friendships should be truthful, anything less is a waste of time.

True friends want nothing more than to spend quality time with you.

Find a friend that is willing to wake up at 3 a.m. to talk to you about the stupid guy who broke your heart, or that simply wants to hang out and binge-watch TV shows with you.

Friendships shouldn’t be forced or calculated.

It will definitely be hard losing people you thought were going to be around forever, but it happens. Just remember: you are worth way more than the way they are treating you.

You are worthy of a friend who wants nothing more than to help you succeed and see you happy.

When you have found a good friend, you will know. You will wonder how you went all these years without them, how you managed to go through school, heartbreaks, and chaos without them. In them, you will find a confidant, a support system, a cheerleader, guidance, and endless love.

Hold on to a good friend when you find them, because I promise you, they don’t come around often. And once you let them go, someone will snatch them right up.


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