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How To Get Long And Healthy Hair

Didn’t we all dream about having long hair like rapunzel when we were children? Many of us hold on to that dream when we grow older but for some reason we can’t get that hair to grow longer than the upper part of our back.

I want to point out a few tips to grow your hair longer. I spend a long time with research and changing my hair routine. With success I want to say. My hair is longer than ever.

Common mistakes and how to fix it

Your brush. This is the tool that gives or takes. If you have plastic brushes they might be cheap and save you money but your hair suffers. If you want a better brush, invest in one with boar bristles as they will store some of your natural oil built up from the scalp and spread it through your lengths and to the ends of the hair. Sounds yucky? But it’s healthy. Your hair ends don’t produce any oil so it’s really needed if you want long hair. Your hair ends will get dry and split and oil will prevent that.

Are you yank brushing through the hair in the morning because you are already late? I think we all are guilty of doing it sometimes. We probably all know it’s bad but did you know it’s even worse right after a shower or after washing your hair?

Your hair is much weaker in wet condition. But using the hot air of a hair blower isn’t good either. If you are in a hurry and have to use it, turn it on cold air and point it downwards. Let your hair air dry whenever possible.

Since we talked about the hair blower. Are you using a hair straightener or hair curler? Any tool that gets hot? Try to avoid it as much as possible as it damages the hair.

You wash your hair too often. If it’s every day then it’s too often. In general it’s healthy to let your scalp build up some oil for your hair. It’s a protection. Try to wash only 2-3 days a week. If you can prolong even more, good for your hair!

Since we are talking about oil. Give your hair some treats. Do hair masks and buy some oil to put in your hair as a leave in. Coconut oil is a good choice. Always use conditioner. Your hair will thank you!

You wear your hair open every day. Did you ever put your head out of the open window while sitting in the passenger side of a speeding car? Do you remember the mess it made to your hair within 5 minutes? The damage it does to your length is similar to walking around all day with open hair and sleeping with open hair all the time. It just takes a bit longer. Wear protective hair styles like buns or braids. Look up YouTube videos and experiment. Rock that french braid! There are many cute braid styles out there.

Rubber bands. No! Just No. Rubber bands will pull your hair out. Use hair bands with no rubber or little metal pieces holding them together.

They will literally cut or break your hair.

On a short note…keep your hands out of your hair. Don’t play with it, twirl it or bite on the ends if you are nervous. The less you touch it, the better.

You changed your natural hair colour.

Now there are different ways to colour your hair. Some are even protective if its with natural henna powder.  The worst here is going down the way to the real hair destroyer like going blond. Even if you only color strands of your hair with blond, you shouldn’t do this longer than 2 months unless you want to cut your hair short after this anyway. Going blond means to strip your hair of any color and moisture. It needs an immense amount of daily care to not turn your hair into a straw feeling disaster.

Find out your hair type. There are many sites that tell you how to find out if you are a 2B or a 3C.

Because what works for your straight, thin and oily haired friend will most likely not work for your very curly, dry and thick hair. If you know your type you can look up what worked for other women with your hair type regarding products and hair styles.

Get a trim. Wait! How does that help getting longer hair? Isn’t that contradicting? Not at all. Your hair goes through alot and damage will happen at some point. You all know that person with fizzly hair ends which don’t look healthy and just sad. Don’t be that person.

Getting a little trim of an inch or two every 3 months can prevent that and the ends will look healthy.  Damage in hair usually starts at the hair ends and travels upwards so it’s necessary to cut the ends to stop more damage from happening.

Besides of all that you should try to eat healthy. If you only eat junk food then the body hasn’t much too work with and your hair will show that.

Get your vitamin intake and try to avoid too much stress as this can cause hair loss.

Smoking will slow down the growth of your hair so maybe that’s motivation enough to stop.

In the end only you can decide how much effort you want to put into the health and length of your hair. I think  it’s worth it. It might seem like it takes forever and you see no progress. Take a picture from your hair once a month and compare to older pictures. You most certainly will see the difference. Hair doesn’t grow fast in general but there will be a change. Your hair will be longer, shinier and most of all healthier looking. And if you happen to get a compliment from someone else how good your hair looks, take it! It’s all yours. You deserve it for your hard work.


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