Here’s What You Need To Know Before Piercing Your/Your Child’s Ears!

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Here’s What You Need To Know Before Piercing Your/Your Child’s Ears!

So, I know there is a lot of controversy over Claires/Icing, Walmart, Home, and Professional/Tattoo Parlor piercings. There’s also a lot of controversy over getting a childs ear pierced at a young age over getting them done when they are a little older. I am here to touch on the topic and give my personal experiences of getting my own ears pierced at Claires/Icing, Walmart, and home. I have never gotten my ears pierced at a professional shop/tattoo parlor, so I cant really say to either get them done their or not. But one of the first things I want to touch on is, If you have a baby and you want to get their ears pierced go ahead, or if you have a baby and you want to wait till they are a little older then go ahead. No one but YOU should decide whether to or not to get YOUR childs ear pierced!

Personal Experience


Now I am not entirely sure if I did get my first ear piercings done at the hospital, but I do remember what happened (atleast one thing that happened). One day when I was a toddler my biological dad changed my earrings (I guess he didn’t know I was allergic to “fake” earrings). Needless to say my mom came home to my ears very red and swollen, couldn’t even see the earring at this point. My parents had to take pliers to get the earring out of my ear. After that no earring was put into my ears and the holes closed up. I don’t have anything really bad that happened from getting my ears pierced at the hospital, I think if your doctor provides it you should definitely get them done at the hospital if they are a baby.


After a few years when I was around 7-8 I wanted to get my ears pierced again. I wanted to have pretty earrings at school. So I went to the only place I knew that did piercings which was Walmart. I didn’t know all the bad experiences people have had there, but I was excited to finally be able to have pretty earrings again. So I went in, sat down, and got my ears pierced. A couple of days later my ears were red and they hurt so my mom took the earrings out. I don’t remember all that much, but this did happen twice and didn’t put two and two together till now. I am just assuming that the piercing gun wasn’t cleaned properly. Needless to say I will NEVER get my or my future childrens ears pierced at Walmart ever.


Now this is kind of a funny and stupid one. You will see why if you keep reading. Now after the whole fiasco with Walmart and the two times my ears got infected from getting them done there. My mom decided since I still wanted my ears pierced she would do them herself. I was around 9 at this time. She went to WALMART to get the ear piercing kit which included the ear piercing gun, the marker, and of course the earrings. I was very nervous I remember this day very well. I didn’t want them to look crooked. Once she was done and they were pierced I ran out to my then step dad to show them off. A few weeks like two I think my mom noticed on my right ear the earring had slid down and was about to break through my ear. You may be wondering if I could feel the earring sliding and the answer is no. I never even noticed the earring moving at all. After this we took the earrings out and just kept them out till I turned 23.


So currently at 23, I now have my ears pierced again and this time I went to Icing in my local mall. I have heard many good and bad things about getting your ears pierced at Claires or Icing. I’m here to tell you my personal experience. On Thursday June 29th, 2017 my Co-Worker picked me up after she got off work and we headed to the mall. It took us a few minutes to get up the courage because I didn’t know how bad the piercing was going to hurt. We finally got the courage (her more then me). Now while we were deciding which earring we wanted to get, Allie the one who was going to pierce our ears was getting all the stuff ready to go. She took a tissue with some hand sanitizer on it and clean the counter off before grabbing the guns (which she sterilized with alcohol wipes) and earrings we chose. After she did that she cleaned her hands with hand sanitizer, put gloves on, then applied hand sanitizer to the gloves. I made her go first, lol. Once she was done it was my turn. I was as nervous as could be. Allie did the exact same thing as before, applied hand sanitizer to her hands, applied gloves, then applied hand sanitizer to her gloves. Next she cleaned the guns just as she did before piercing my co workers ears. Then she took the earrings out of the package (each earring was packaged separate for sterile reasons) and hooked the earring holder part to the gun and left the gun standing up. She then proceeded to pierce my ears. Once she was all done she also cleaned the earrings and told both of us how to clean them and how often (3 times a day). We were also given Ear Care Solution for cleaning the piercing. If you haven’t guessed it my best experience has been at Icing. I do recommend getting your ears done there.

Now down below I will have tips on cleaning and making sure you have a positive experience with getting yours or your childrens ears pierced.

TIPS On having a positive experience

  • Make sure the piercer cleans the surface in which the equipment will be (preferably with alcohol wipes).
  • Make sure the piercer washes his/her hands/hand sanitizes.
  • Also wears gloves and sanitizes those as well.
  • make sure to see them sterilize the gun (if they use one)
  • be sure to check that the earring parts are closed up and not opened when they pull them out of the package.
  • be sure to tell them to clean your earlobe/various other parts getting pierced with alcohol wipes.
  • make sure they clean the piercing after it is done.

TIPS On cleaning the piercing

  • Use the Ear Care Solution provided (if any is provided)
  • Clean the piercing three times a day (morning after waking, afternoon, and at night before bed).
  • Also clean the piercing after swimming, exercising, hot tubs, or saunas.
  • Keep hair, hair spray, soap, shampoo, and other hair products, cosmetics, perfumes , etc away from newly pierced ears.
  • Each time you cleanse the ear piercing area, check for any signs of embedding, swelling, infection, discharge, or redness. If you see any of these conditions consult your doctor immediately.

Remember any infected ear piercing could have resulted in you not taking proper care of your newly pierced ears. Don’t blame a company for lack of knowledge on cleaning your piercing. Once you get your ears pierced they give you a pink slip from the contract you signed telling you what to do.


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