A Guide To Swimming with a Baby or Toddler

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A Guide To Swimming with a Baby or Toddler

A guide to Swimming with your 0-2 year old.

So you have your newborn and want to do some bonding time with them.

Swimming it’s brilliant it’s relaxing it’s not too difficult I will give tips relating to the changing room & how to get you & baby ready .

This is based on indoor pools .

1. If you vaccinate its best you wait until the 2nd lot !

2. Research temperature of pools (in July country our pools are indoors ) maybe just ring up and ask , tell them you have a small baby and they will tell you more .

3. What do I need to bring , I’ll post this further down under its own title .

4. Prepare not to stay long start off slowly . Might take you longer to get ready.

List of things to pack. 


  • Swimwear but your best to put this on before you leave your house .
  • Towel
  • Underwear
  • Moisture cream & shampoos

For baby 

  • Swim nappy ,
  • This is for some people but I couldn’t help buy swim gear for my little girl they are so small and cute but not necessary.
  • Moisturiser and shampoo
  • Baby bag with everything you need for a day out including bottles for after wards .
  • Towel
  • Blanket for going home
  • Hat (depending on weather )

Dad is usually similar to Mam . 

If you are going on your own get both of you ready at home & bring pram in if allowed if not some swimming pools facilitate baby changing so they will have a changing table to lay baby on .
Getting in the water: 
Getting in the water your best to get yours and baby’s body wet that way it doesn’t feel too cold , hold baby close to you for body heat until they adapt .

When they adapt to the temperature hold them by the middle and move them around in the water a bit. My daughters favourite is the back of her head against my chest and her legs out and I kick her legs for her.

Her first time swimming was 3 months old & still loves it at 11months old.
We did dunk her under a few times so she wouldn’t have a fear & I mean down & up . She did not cry just had a look of  ‘what just happened ? ‘.

I’m not a confident swimmer but holding my baby in the water doesn’t bother me. I obviously don’t go too deep.
As the older they get find a pool with a toddler area so they can stand and walk holding hands eventually doing it by themselves .

Time to get out: 
This is where you learn to be quick ,

Keep towels & shampoos & soap on Top of your bag.

Into the shower holding baby but making sure it’s not too hot just splash them with the water first .

I usually wash my daughters hair and body but you can also wait until you get home .

I get my daughter dried & dressed first then put her in her pram & then begin to get my self dressed .

Now go and enjoy your swim , it is possible with a baby . Just remember the first time could only last 10 minutes in the pool but extend each week , try to go regular.


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