What I Am Going To Teach My Child Who Says This World Isn’t Fair

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What I Am Going To Teach My Child Who Says This World Isn’t Fair

“Mummy, mummy, that’s not fair, this world isn’t fair.” As annoying as this whiny voice is for everyone, they are 100% right. The world isn’t fair, but the question is- what are YOU going to do about it? YES YOU!
Are you just going to sit there and observe the horror- let innocent people die, people be made homeless, people starve, people live without even having clean water? Are you? Is that okay to you? Or are you going to get off the sofa that you are currently slumped on and do something? It is perfectly fine to rest, in fact compulsory, but if you find yourself always doing nothing, you need to break that unhealthy and unhelpful pattern!
I’m not saying you must be the next Nobel Peace Prize Winner, I mean that would be some achievement, but at least do something!! You were created for so much more than to simply do nothing, find what your good at, seek your purpose and just GO!

 You may be sitting there in a comfy chair, a roof over your head, a home full of good food to tuck into, only school exams or work to stress about, but I can guarantee you that there are people in your neighbourhood who aren’t.

There are mouths out there that need fed. Come on, what’s stopping you from donating a few items to your local food bank to help someone in need? It doesn’t have to be a full trolley of over £100 worth of food- a few tins or boxes of cereal will help to change someone’s life, but don’t do nothing.

Even better why don’t you volunteer? Yes, I said it, work without actually getting paid for it. We are becoming far too greedy, we take what we have for granted and yes, I am guilty too, everyone is. Why should we volunteer? Well… People need us, lives need changed, the world needs a transformation and only we can do it. God left His marvellous creation to us, so tell me something, why are we ruining it?

The homeless are desperately trying to get warm- when walking by can you please trade your looks of disgust and judgement for a nice cup of tea. To you it may just be a cup of tea, but to that person it may mean a night when they can sleep without lying awake shivering from being so cold. There are people with no money to their name, I’m not saying give away your entire wages, but a few pounds could really help someone.

All around the world, girls and boys are living without an education, forced to marry or fight from the age of 12. Does this sound acceptable to you? NO, OF COURSE IT DOESN’T! If it is your calling to be a teacher, strive for it. If you can spare a few pounds to help provide a young person with an education, do it. An education isn’t simply about learning formulae or French vocab, it’s about equipping young people for adult life- teaching them life skills, helping them to develop lifelong friendships, enforcing positive manners and practices, informing them and advising them about their future and so much more. Education is a solution. A powerful one.

You must make a difference and do it today. We need peace, not war! There are too many weapons, too many enemies and too many malevolent intentions. How can we expect the world to come to peace… when all we do is fight? One war ends, another one begins.

One battle is won, another one is lost. One country begins war, another one joins them. But what do we need? Understanding, not disagreements. Hope, not fear. Positive communication, not silence. Raise your voices, but I advise you to do it wisely; you must speak up, but seriously be cautious.

Belgium has faced terror attacks, Northern Ireland has faced the troubles and Syria is facing a civil war. This sounds horrendous, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!!! But the truly awful and heart-breaking thing is, it gets worse, much worse! We are battling illness and disease, homelessness and poverty and even our own fears and doubts. When are we going to stop? When the perfect world that was created for us is destroyed entirely?

When there are no humans left, no environment to even be concerned about, and no dreams to be achieved because everything is demolished? Can’t we see that war is not only destroying lives, but our country, our world and our universe? Yes, our, we are in this together and we can change this together!

We need to be educated, for with education comes everlasting power. Use your determination to be innovative, use your talents to inspire, and use your intelligence to educate. Charities work endlessly to provide aid, but humans don’t even know when to stop.

Yep, that’s us, all of us. We waste unforgiving amounts of food, yet children, parents, grandparents and entire families are dying of starvation; in fact, every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger. So yes, your child is right. This world isn’t fair! This world is beyond corrupt, and it’s up to everyone to play their part.

Instead of taking a step back, take a step forward. Raise your voice, but only do so with responsibility, education and wisdom. And instead of knocking each other down, let’s build each other up.

Together we can make a difference, together we can change lives and together we can change the world. SO, TODAY BE THE LEADING EXAMPLE THAT EVERYONE NEEDS!!!



About the Author:

I am a passionate young writer who loves to campaign and change the world with my writing! I currently have my own blog and I am also writing a book which I hope to get published next year. I have had poems published by Young Writers and next week I am Assistant Director for media production at an Integrated Education camp where the focus of my work will be writing a blog and sending articles to all our local newspapers, I will also be in charge of promoting the camp on all our social media accounts. In June, I was presented with a Diana Award for my community and charity work and often, I love to share my story. I run my own Facebook positivity page where I write encouraging statuses and upload positive and encouraging quotes. I consider myself to also be a confident public speaker and I have campaigned about a range of issues, such as, striving for perfection, food waste, the importance of education etc.