If You are Going to Have a Girls Night Out, You Must Follow These Rules

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If You are Going to Have a Girls Night Out, You Must Follow These Rules

Do you know the rules for a girls night out?

As dramatic as it sounds, the rules for a girls night out are simple because it’s about safety, courtesy and of course friendship. There’s so much that could happen at a girls night out and regret should be the last thing.

Let’s say there’s a guy checking out your friend and she is interested as well. But there’s a problem as he has a friend with him and you are not feeling it at all. Time to suck it up and take one for the team. What does it matter, if he’s not your type? You don’t have to hook up with him. You could pretend you have a boyfriend and have small talk while your friend has a good time. She will appreciate it and return the favour.

If one of the girls had a recent breakup and tries to drunk text or drunk call her ex, you pry that phone out of her fingers. We don’t let friends make a fool out of themselves when alcohol is involved.

Girls night and one of your friends is completely wasted and she’s dancing and letting her hands wander all over the ugliest guy of the club. You are expecting them to make out any second. It’s your duty to stop this from happening. It doesn’t matter if she looks like she has fun at the moment. Go to her and drag her away if you have to. Don’t let her wake up the next morning lying next to King Kong. What kind of friend would you be? She would never forgive you.

When you all get ready together or meeting up somewhere…if you see your friends makeup is “uneven” or her underwear is showing through that dress, you have to nicely point it out. You can just say, hey your eyeliner smudged, let me fix it or ask if she was going for that dress effect or hey your hair is looking wild again. As someone who’s hair is having a life on its own, I appreciate it when my friends help me out.

If one of your girl friends noticeably likes a guy and verbally announces it to you, and he suddenly shows interest in you, you have to turn him down.

If your girl friend gets upset with another girl friend over a guy she was interested in, you have to intervene and break up any fights if there is alcohol involved. Best you bring their drunken ass home. They can fight over it when they are sober…if they still care.

In general: Look out for your friends. If she had too much to drink and starts to flash her boobs or tries to give the whole club a striptease, you haul over and stop her.

And you watch her drink when she goes to the bathroom real quick. The danger of getting roofied is real!

Once I had an agreement with this girl to look out for each other and well…she didn’t. I made myself a fool that evening and it got worse when a few friendly guys brought me home, extremely intoxicated where my parents took care of me. I woke up the next morning with no memory of anything. It’s still freaking me out thinking about it. I’m convinced someone put something in my drink. There were people around who knew me which was both curse and blessing as they knew where I lived.

Also I was only 15 at that time and it is not uncommon in Europe that you drink with older friends or parents when you go out somewhere. Like no one will ask for your ID. I was there with people from my shooting club and never went back after this because I was too embarrassed. Too bad because I was good at shooting and enjoyed it. I was also one out of two girls there at that evening.

To this day, I still order a new drink if I have to leave my glass unattended. Safety first. This was my worst experience. I only drink with people I trust to have my ass when shit goes down.

If your boyfriend wants to spend time with you on a girls night, you have to turn him down. Don’t bring your boyfriend with you. It’s called GIRLS night out for a reason. Even if the other girls don’t say anything, they are not pleased and will have way less fun. Don’t be THAT person.

If one of your girls is drunk and tries to leave the club or location with a random guy, you don’t let her go! It doesn’t matter if she was talking or dancing the whole night with him. She’s drunk and making an unsafe decision. Safety first!

Btw…If it happens to you that the morning after a girls night the partner of one of your girls calls you to ask what his girlfriend did on the night out, have your girls back… It’s creepy and controlling when a guy does this. Unbeknownst to me, one of my exes did this and I’m glad my girl did tell me. Not that I did even as much as flirting with another guy but that’s not the point. I’m glad she told him nothing happened and then told me what he did. I was already thinking about separating and moved out 3 months later.

Pretty sure there are many more scenarios what could happen at a girls night out. Be careful with the drinks especially when a guy tries to offer you one free drink after another. Know your limit.

Hopefully you only ever experience safe and fun nights with your girl friends! Salut!


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