To The Girl Who Keeps Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics, This Is How To Respond

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To The Girl Who Keeps Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics, This Is How To Respond

I’m sure all women have experiences in this matter, unfortunately. Here are some bold and funny ways how you could respond…

Out of nowhere you get a message.
What the hell? This guy just send you a dick picture.
Ugh, don’t we all know that move?

I’ll give you my best and funniest advice as first:
Just google for dicks and..send one back. You know…a bigger and prettier dick. A better one than his.
I prefer the line: I like mine better. But it’s fun to come up with different sentences and watch the reactions when you send a dick picture back.

Or you could:

Take a screenshot and send it to his family/friends or girlfriend (if he’s that stupid, then he deserves it).
It isn’t hard to find all the info you need on the internet. Facebook is very helpful with this as well. Even easier if he sends you nasty messages through his Facebook account.

Many people list their relatives and partners on their page. I do this when guys get really nasty with their messages.

Remind him about his mother, grandmother, sister. Even if he doesn’t stop sending messages, it will most likely give him a sexual downer.

Another fun advice:
Take a screenshot and send it to

Read the funny (and not so funny) chats of other women with rude guys. It’s entertaining.

Or send it to this site:
(Don’t click the links unless you are mentally prepared to see dicks).

My favourite when I’m drinking some wine is this:
Only answer with “K” or memes. This can be really fun if you have the time for it.

Or just send back a “LOL” or “hehe, cute…” and block him right after this.

A more passive- aggressive way:
Send him a picture of a sliced up sausage or banana or a tree getting chopped down with a chainsaw.
Maybe he will get the message.

In the end, you really shouldn’t have to put up with nasty messages from guys but if you are trying to date or in general browse and interact with people in the internet, you will cross the way with more than one rude guy.


For guys, here’s my advice. Don’t send a dick pic…ever. Unless she begged you to send her one, which I’m sure she won’t ask…ever.


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