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First Time at the Gym

I decided to join my husbands gym yesterday because 1. I am tired of looking pregnant 2. I hate mood swings and depression and I know exercise helps.

So I get to the gym and I’m already freaking out because everyone there is fit, like where I want to be fit. So we go in and I start signing all the paperwork and Joey (my husband) asks if were doing leg day.

I just look at him crazy because I haven’t worked out in over two years. I go work out on the treadmill because thats kinda more my pace.

After about 30 minutes I get hungry and let him know hey I haven’t eaten in 4.5 hours and its time for me to eat, if not I usually get cranky and start yelling….

He just knows its better to feed me on a time schedule. So I finally convince him to leave and his friend Paul was like what about leg day. This is the point I know I’m screwed and I will not be fed for another 30 minutes… So he starts showing me how to use one machine and says 20 reps.

Okay! I have no problem cranking those out. Then we move to another, ill just call them torture devices now. 20 more reps. Starting to feel the burn but I crank those out.

Now lunges. I hate lunges with a passion!! My knees pop and I look stupid.

The guys are loving kicking my ass, just laughing and wondering what new torture device to put me on. Looking back today it was pretty funny and I’m grateful that Paul helped me yesterday but holy crap am I feeling it.

I guess it means I did something right.


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