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How to Feng Shui your Life

We all have our moments of darkness; sometimes that darkness consumes all of our time and energy and we don’t realize it until we’re struggling to pull ourselves out.  There’s a comfort in the darkness that feels like wrapping up in a warm blanket during a blizzard.  Eventually the storm passes, as all do, and you find that burst of energy you thought would never return.  So naturally, you find a way to exert that energy in a productive way.  One way to do that is to purge yourself of the negative energy in any way possible.

What a lot of people do not realize, or acknowledge, is that our energy absorbs into everything; even our furniture.  Enter the beautiful art of Feng Shui.  I’m telling you Buddhist monks were seriously on to something here with the idea of spatial reasoning.  The idea behind Feng Shui is that by repositioning your furniture, you reset your energy.

It’s important to remember, as with all forms of meditation, to set your intention before you begin.  So when you are planning your next furniture move, think about the purpose you want for the room:

  • Do you want the focus to be relaxing? Keep the room spacious and free of clutter.  Include a water feature or sequential art piece to promote flow.  Use soft lighting and, if you are a candle/incense lover, keep the scent subtle.
  • Looking for a space to be inviting for social affairs? Arrange your furniture in a matter that will allow for communication and intimacy.   This can be achieved by square arrangements or tilting your furniture towards each other rather than away. Accent with bright colors and conversation pieces.

There’s no right or wrong way to utilize Feng Shui as long as you remember to follow your intention and go in the direction your energy is pulling you.  What you want to achieve through your space may change from one moment to the next; and that is absolutely okay!  Listen to what your body is telling you and go for it!


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Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm addicted to Starbucks and my pomeranian Tinkerbell. If I could name one thing I would want my readers to take from my posts it would be that their reactions to my words are theirs alone. I cannot force you to feel what I feel when I write. So always take responsibility and find meaning in the world as it best applies to you.