If You Feel Trapped in Your Own Body, Take A Trip Through Your Soul

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If You Feel Trapped in Your Own Body, Take A Trip Through Your Soul

Introvert, worthless, selfless, living according to others expectations, afraid to stand out, having lots of love to give, but so less to receive.

Yes, girl, been there, done that!!! This was the perfect portrait of me, myself and I a few years ago.

I was feeling so not worthy to receive love, happiness, blissfulness.

I was feeling trapped in my own body.

I was feeling that… I was not feeling at all.

One day though, I’ve met an angel who changed my life completely. An angel who made me realize who and what I really am:

A strong, powerful, self- confident, self- loving, self- appreciating, self- caring… Woman!!!

Yes, lady, you are more than just another human being!

You are unique, beautiful, loving!!! Unique, beautiful, loving and loveable!

You are… pure joy!

You are worthy!

You are a miracle of God! The greatest miracle of God!

Girl, you are so damn blessed to be able to breathe in this right moment!!!

You are living now in this limited neighborhood called Earth. In any moment, your rental flat(aka body) can expire and you will have to move into another dimension, next to the purest form of energy.

Why waste your time with searching flaws, reasons to cry, dramas?!

Let the wind lead that particle of dust which we all are and see through which landscape it takes you: you might discover that sand storms can be damn funny!!!

Under those sand dunes, you’ve kept hidden all those shiny faces of you!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and connect!!!

Connect with yourself like you’ve just met your soulmate, that significant other: get to know who you are, what is your life purpose, what you really want from life, from you!!!

What about your fears?! Where they come from?!

Get to know your inner child, adult.

Recall childhood, parents, family, friends, first kiss, first party, first… everything!

Afraid of stepping alone into the desert of your being?!

Take a “camel”, provide enough water( as you will have a lifetime travel together), and hop! Hop on the journey of discovering… YOURSELF!!!

I am more than happy to announce you that the “camel” which is my travel buddy has a free space for you too so… jump right now and have a blast out of your life!!!


About the Author:

Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant certified in Assessment of Nutritional Status, Disease Management Through Food, Psycho-nutrition, Obesity and Healthy Living, Nutritional Planning for children, teenagers, elders, athletes, Balanced Nutrition in Communities, Food and Nutritional Value Principles, Personalized Diet Planner based on Biological Parameters and Current Diseases, Gastrotechny. More than seven years of study on Candidiasis and Candida Albicans, herself a sufferer of Candida Overgrowth and Histamine Intolerance which she managed to heal and keep under control. Arthritis?! Leaky Gut Syndrome?! Asthma?! Eczema?! Food intolerances?! Palpitations?! Migraines?! Joint and bone aches?! Hormonal Imbalance?! Finally… lazy immune system!!! Yes, you can release your body from any so- called disease!