Fatherhood: Doubt & Acceptance

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Fatherhood: Doubt & Acceptance

I know you see the things I do. You try to compare my actions to what you can do as well.

I could talk and try to explain how my world differs than yours, but right now that’s nearly impossible. I can’t depend on old sayings and superstitions to have confidence in my decisions.

I take my confidence from seeing you choose correctly. From hearing you say your please and thank yous.

I know we’re not the same. Not age, or height or reading level. We’re completely different humans. But when I’m gone and left to ashes, I hope my memory lives on through you.

I hope you remember to wash your hands and which way your shoes should be.

But I’m not perfect, I hope you see that. I hope the world knows this as well. I try my best to fill this role to the best of my ability.

This difficult and complicated and never feels just right.

You’ll know one day what this confusion is, and I know you’ll make it through.

I know this because I’ve raised you. To the best of my ability.


About the Author:

Hi, my name is Matthew Wilson. I have an obsession for testing my writing limits. And I am a young father whose veins are filled with coffee, Diet Mountain Dew and World of Warcraft. twitter: @octoberprose Facebook: www.facebook.com/octoberprose