Day 2 of my 42 Day Journey to making 30,000 Crocheting

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Day 2 of my 42 Day Journey to making 30,000 Crocheting

November 21, 2017

Yesterday was very intense, I reached my daily goal with reindeer hats.

Granted I sold a couple of other things, but it was really mainly reindeer’s….I plan on having all those complete and mailed out tomorrow (the 22nd) When advertising, I told everyone that santa hats and reindeer hats are only available until Nov 29th and they will all be shipped out by Dec. 1st to ensure that everyone has them in time for Christmas.

While I catch up on the last of those orders, Today I am focusing on selling ornaments, they take me maybe 15 minutes to make, selling them each for $1.25  I will have to sell roughly 700 of those if I want to reach my daily goal, sounds like a lot, but with how fast they work up, I consider it easy money. I already had a small stock pile built,  I will have the pattern for that listed at the bottom of this post for you.

Need help advertising? Put the ornament on your Christmas tree and take a picture, put the caption as something simple like “I love the holiday season, putting up the tree today!” Let the customers come to you.

Today I already sold over 100 just by posting a picture.

It also helps to have Facebook friends that are obsessed with Christmas like I am. Today’s post is going to be kind of short since there really isn’t a lot going on today. I can guarantee you, after today I will not want to make any ornaments ever again.

Tomorrow (Day 3) I plan on reaching my goal with Santa hats! I am also hoping to make enough to cover Day 4 (thanksgiving) if not, I will just hope to make double on Day 5! Fingers crossed that this can be done!! It’s always good to plan ahead! So once you are done working for the day, sit down and create a little game plan for the next day! It helps you keep organized.

Free Pattern: 

chain 8, do a slip st in first stitch (creating a ring)

do 2sc in each st. (16) do a sl. st. in first sc. ch 2.

do 4dc in first st. sl st in next, 4dc in next st. continue this pattern all the way around.




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