Day 1 of my 42 day journey to making 30,000 crocheting

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Day 1 of my 42 day journey to making 30,000 crocheting

November 20, 2017

Today is officially day one of my 42 day challenge, and hopefully some of you are doing this with me. If you are choosing to wait until next year to start this challenge, I will be blogging in January with all sorts of tips to help you build up inventory to prepare since this can be extremely overwhelming if you wait until last minute like I did.

Today I am going to share website ideas and marketing tactics that I use, both are extremely important if you’d like to build up your client base. During the holiday season i do not do custom orders, as they take to long and I can’t make them in advance. I’d also like to point out that even if you are new to crocheting, accomplishing this can easily be done as all the patterns I share, are all for beginners!

So while I am working on getting sales, lets discuss marketing! ways to get yourself more out there online! I’ll also talk about why online works better than vendor events!

Marketing on facebook- if you do not have a Facebook page, i strongly suggest you make one, They are super simple to use and a great way to keep yourself organized. With that being said, having people “like” and “comment” on your business page helps your page reach more people. you can also pay to have your posts boosted (I have not personally done this, but I might sometime in the future)

If you are having trouble getting people engaged in your posts, don’t always post items that you made with prices and asking if anyone wants to order, Today I actually posted a picture of my newborn son in a reindeer hat that i made and I got lots of people comment and liking the picture, I also got tons of people messaging me asking if they can order a hat! (which is why a website is also very important, i directed them to a website I have and rather than just buying one hat they ended up buying a few things!) you can see the picture of the hat and get the pattern here:

Instagram- honestly, if you don’t have it, I highly suggest you get it. I simply search “#crochet” and spend hours looking at things people make, and I end up liking a ton of stuff, great way to get some inspiration, and by liking stuff, other people see your name and end up following you! I’ve also met some wonderful people through instagram, some were clients others were just people with the same interest as me.

So you may not get a lot of sales through instagram but having your website up there and sharing pictures of your product (and even some of your every day life) will really help you in the long run!

Website: to be honest, to be successful you don’t need a big fancy site that you paid tons of money to create, I personally use Square, It comes with a card reader(for free!) so if I happen to go to a vendor event people can pay with a card reader, you will get more sales than if you only accept cash. It also comes with a free website to where you can add your product and share with your friends! the site does take a small percentage of each sale, but Etsy is the same way and that comes with a lot less benefits.

Vendor events- They really are a hit or miss. I strongly recommend you do at least one a year, not for the sale aspect, but bring business cards and hand them out, get your name out there more, It pays off, you will gain some new clients! you may get some sales while at the event, but from my experience usually you end up either breaking even (after paying the vendor fee) or losing some money. granted there have been some successes, and if you’ve always had some luck at events, don’t stop going!

This isn’t vendor related, but at state fairs and such they have contests and usually one of them is crochet related, enter in as many as you can!! it gets your name out there! also, share on social media your victories! shows people you have good quality items. Next year I plan on entering in quite a few contests ( mainly my handspan yarn, but who knows, i may throw in some crocheted stuff too!)

That is mainly it for today’s post! Sorry there is no free pattern, I plan on sharing one tomorrow though! However, thanks to my picture of my son, I managed to reach today’s goal just from selling reindeer hats! I can tell you, I will be sick of making them before I am done, but oh well! Good luck to everyone who is also up to take this challenge!



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