Day 0 of my 42 Day Journey to make 30,000 Crocheting

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Day 0 of my 42 Day Journey to make 30,000 Crocheting

November 19, 2017

Hi! If you are reading this you are probably interested in making a living off of crocheting, or you are interested in how I managed to do it. The next 42 days I will be documenting my process to how I manage to make a living with crocheting (I suppose you could do this with knitting too!)

Before I begin explaining today’s plan, Let me start by giving you a small introduction, I am 23 years old living in a small town in Massachusetts (US) I am a stay at home mom to three little kids, two are still in diapers and the oldest is in Pre-school. My husband is the manager to a local store. I don’t get the chance to go out often as I do not drive (personal choice).

Telling you a little bit about myself gives you the understanding that I am not someone who knows a lot of people, or goes to all sorts of different events to promote my little home business. I am just an average person who decided to turn a wonderful hobby into a successful business. Now lets get started.

I started this post as “Day 0” because this day is not actually part of the next 42 days. Today is simply creating a game plan and making inventory. It’s always good to be one step ahead. Now, if you are a slower crocheter I recommend you start this next year so you have a few months to create inventory and you will be under a lot less pressure to complete your goal. for the purpose of this post, my goal in the next month is to make $30,000.

I know, big number, looks intimidating.  Lets break that down a little bit.

30k divided by 42 = 715. (that is the amount of money i need to make each day in order to reach my goal)

A lot less intimidating. Breaking down numbers makes it easier to achieve, at least in my eyes it does. Now what am I going to sell? Winter is coming, and so is Christmas, Hit two birds with one stone, HATS!

Can’t go wrong with that! For day 1 & 2 I plan to sell only Santa hats and Reindeer hats, perfect for the holidays, and sure to be a big seller. ( you don’t have to make the same product as me, this is really just a guideline for you) Hats are simple to make, they take me about 30 minutes to make depending on how the kids are behaving. Lets price the hats at $10 each.

715(the amount of money I need to make each day) divided by 10 – 72 slightly intimidating.

I can guarantee you, I will hate making those hats by the time i am done. Right now i need to make and sell 144 hats. in two days, How do-able do you think that is?  Reason behind doing only those two hats is because Thanksgiving is on day 4, trying to sell on that day will be very hard, and don’t worry, I will document how that adventure goes.

Today isn’t just for creating inventory and creating a game plan, The key to running a successful business is marketing and advertising. I create all the inventory I want, but if I have no way to advertise or even really sell, well, I won’t be getting very far.

So I will be creating a website today, If you do not want to create a full website, I highly recommend using etsy or some other free website. Online sales are key. Social media is also very important, a Facebook page and instagram is all you need to getting customers. posting product you have for sale is nice and all, but people eventually get tired of you just trying to sell them something, take pictures of things you are working on, say you are making yourself a blanket, post pictures, saying things like “working on this today!

Absolutely love the colors!” no sale pitch or anything, it will get you traffic on your post which over time will begin attracting more people. Right now my social media platform have less than 200 followers, so during this 42 day challenge, I will be working on increasing that. And yes, I will be documenting that!

Free Pattern for reindeer hat!

Hook size: I-5.25mm Yarn: Red Heart Super Savor (worsted weight)

Size: newborn: Make a magic ring, do 8DC through the center. slip stitch in first st. ch. 2

2DC in each stitch (16) sl. st. ch. 2

2DC in each st. (32) sl. st. ch.2

1DC in each st. (32) sl. st. ch.2 (repeat this for 8 rows total)

Ears: make two.

ch. 7. do 1dc in next 5 st (starting from the second st. from the hook), do 3dc in last st. Now you should be on the other side of the chain, do 1dc in the last 5 remaining st. ch 1. Do 1DC in each stitch all the way around.  Make this 4 times, sew two of them together to create one ear.


make a magic ring, do  8DC through the center. ch 2. then do 2DC in each stitch (16).

Sew everything onto the base and add eyes. (this is a very simple pattern, you are more than welcome to change it however you’d like.


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