Why Date Nights Are a Must for Married Couples

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Why Date Nights Are a Must for Married Couples

If you are married and have not established a weekly date night, here are some of the reasons why I think it’s important to do it right now!

·         If you have children between the ages of 1 month and 21 years old, you probably need time to recouple.  Children are lovely creations from Heaven but they’re also little romance stealing sponges if you don’t designate a time for just the two of you.

·         Life before marriage was less stressful.  For most married couples, dating was super fun, which is why they actually got married in the first place.

Try to stay linked to your pre-marriage relationship by still doing some of those fun activities on date night.

·         Marriage A.C. (after children), usually leads to some free solo time.  Most people have some sort of escape on their own, which is great, however, don’t let the only time you feel relaxed be during your alone time.

·         If you find that you and the spouse are bickering more or not communicating as you normally do, YOU NEED A DATE NIGHT.  With rules.  Away from the house if possible.  Netflix and chill is fine but not for date night.

No FB or Instagram. The only status you should be interested in is yours as a happily married couple.  Hold hands to and from wherever you go.  Kiss as much as possible.  Really listen to each other.  Don’t talk about bills, work, the renovations  or problems with the kids.  Keep it light and enjoy each other’s company.

·         Just like all living things, your marriage needs to be nourished.  Most couples work outside the home, where they spend the majority of their day.  If you have children, fur babies, other family and different commitments, it becomes increasingly difficult to try to make time for each other.  Choose a day to water and weed your relationship to keep it growing nicely.

·         Bedtime is not your date night.  Don’t even try it.  That should not be the only time you spend alone.


Now all you have to do is schedule it.  Don’t be too strict about when because I know things come up, but try to make it the same day every week if you can.  It’ll give you both something to look forward to.  And remember, it doesn’t have to be costly.  Take a walk on the beach or in a park.  Find free or inexpensive events in your area that you both may find interesting (ya’ll the key word there is both.  No ballets or sporting events if your spouse is not a fan already).  Try to recall the fun things you did when dating and incorporate some of them as well.   Most importantly, relax and enjoy these special moments that help to keep your relationship healthy and strong.


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