A Swiss Girl Living In America Talking About Life In Switzerland…Part 1

I recently stumbled upon an article with some pretty weird and wrong facts about Switzerland written by globe travellers.

This inspired me to write this article as I had a good laugh and I can tell you a lot about my country and the differences to living in America.

I don’t know where those globe travellers got […]

Orange is No Longer the New Black (SPOILER ALERTS SEASON 5)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of OITNB long before I had my daughter back in 2015.

The love-hate feelings that I’ve felt for Piper, the intense sexual attraction I had for Alex, Tastee pulling on my heart strings with her passion and back story (actually, I’ve reveled in ALL the back stories…) and […]

Ode to Coffee

Coffee, my coffee
Why have you gone?
The day has started fresh and new,
and without you will feel so long.

I miss your sweet aroma,
The way it tickles my nose.
And with each sip, I dare not drip,
Spreads warmth from head to toe

Yes my coffee, my darling,
I love you with all my heart.
And until I have more of you,
This day dare not start.