To The Girl Who Keeps Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics, This Is How To Respond

I’m sure all women have experiences in this matter, unfortunately. Here are some bold and funny ways how you could respond…

Out of nowhere you get a message.
What the hell? This guy just send you a dick picture.
Ugh, don’t we all know that move?

I’ll give you my best and funniest advice as first:
Just […]

A Swiss Girl Living In America Talking About Life In Switzerland…Part 1

I recently stumbled upon an article with some pretty weird and wrong facts about Switzerland written by globe travellers.

This inspired me to write this article as I had a good laugh and I can tell you a lot about my country and the differences to living in America.

I don’t know where those globe travellers got […]

Orange is No Longer the New Black (SPOILER ALERTS SEASON 5)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of OITNB long before I had my daughter back in 2015.

The love-hate feelings that I’ve felt for Piper, the intense sexual attraction I had for Alex, Tastee pulling on my heart strings with her passion and back story (actually, I’ve reveled in ALL the back stories…) and […]