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This Is What A Typical Day In An Abusive Relationship Is Like

Today, I’ll take you on a journey with me.

Just imagine:

You are living together with your boyfriend/husband and he comes back from work. It’s hot as hell outside and he takes a shower. You waited for him and he’s in a good mood.

Then he tells you to get lemon juice from the store and you dare […]

6 Ways to Recharge after a Break-up

So you’ve found yourself at the end of another relationship.

You’re probably working your way through those five stages of grief right now (denial, anger, rationalizing, depression, and acceptance).  You’ve reluctantly made it through the first three and realized that you need to start really moving on – because no one can live on chocolate, ice […]

Marriage Isn’t Always Sunshine And Rainbows, But It’s Worth It

Ain’t no sunshine…

I have reached a turning point in my life. All I have ever worked for or towards means nothing. Everything I have ever thought I stood for is crap… meaningless crap. I have been an angry adolescent, unappreciative son, absent brother, unfit father, unloving husband, selfish sinner, jealous boyfriend, judging stranger, neglectful pet-owner, […]

Whatever You Do, Do Not Remain Silent In Your Hostile Relationship

Recently, I’ve encountered a point in my life where I felt that the weight of the entire word was sitting atop my shoulders. No amount of sleep, wine, hot water being sprayed at me, could ease the pain I was feeling…

I’ve had my heart broken before, I’ve been betrayed before, but this time around I […]