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If You Have to Question Whether He’s Into You, He’s Not

Have you ever been with a guy that you thought was absolutely perfect for you?

Everything that he says and does for you seems so…right?

He treats you like you’re his world and he makes it seem like you two will be together forever, but he won’t even claim you as a girlfriend.

Then you find yourself questioning […]

Annoying Things Men Do In Their Dating Profiles, That Aren’t Getting Them Lucky

1. Group shots

If I can’t see which one he is, it’s an instant no. Some guys only post group pictures. Is he hiding? Seriously what is he doing? It’s okay when there is a group pic to show me he has friends but I don’t do the guessing game. The main pic should be him […]

Third Party Interference: Shut Up and Listen

When I accepted that first date, reciprocated the first kiss, and agreed to enter marriage, I obviously was keeping my focus on the one person I was sharing those moments with. What we fail to remember when we are in a committed relationship, is that it doesn’t just stay within the couple.

Your relationship will have […]