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Being Unconditional With Sex

“I need to have sex.”

“I need sex more than my wife does.”

“My wife should understand and provide for my need for sex.”

“My wife needs to fulfill all of my sexual needs.”

“If my wife loved me more, she would have sex with me whenever I want.”


These are statements that I lived by. I believed them, I […]

13 Phrases Guys Use That Let You Know The Truth About Their Intentions

Well there’s this guy you are interested in…the one who texts you all the time, who flirts with you, laughs with you and you seem to be totally on the same page. You are waiting for the right words, the right move to take this further and to be in a relationship with him.
But you […]

If You’re Divorced There Is Nothing to be Ashamed Of, It Simply Just Didn’t Work

Once apon a time I dreamed of having the picture perfect life… Three kids, two dogs, a successful career, a lovely house, and a man that was nothing less than someone that looked  like Jon Snow only taller with a very successful job….. I was four, and obviously read a lot of fairy tales and […]

To The Girl Who Suffers From A Lack of Libido, Let’s Fix That


 Libido: Sexual Desire. Simple. Adam and Eve stuff guys.

We all know someone with an active libido, the horn dog, they can get jiggy on command, get turned on from an accidental hand brush, have that fire burning between their loins….ya, I’m not like that. At all.

 I have a smoking hot […]