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Mufti and Suhana

After spending two months among doctors and nurses in clinics, having heavy dosages of medicines, crying in severe pain while those number of syringes were pinching my nerves for number of days and left designs like red-black tattoo on my hands. These two months were horrible for me which took me in another world. As I started […]

Love and Unity

Too much hate going on in our society; along with terrorism, and many uncontrollable world disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey; Irma; and Maria, so why must we be hateful to other people.

Behind closed doors you have no clue what someone is going through, so why add the extra stress on top of what they may […]

The Struggle Before The Triumph in being in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard. And when I say that I don’t mean because of the obvious. Unlike The T.V. Show, 90-Day Fiancee, Chris and I don’t glorify our relationship with cameras. That is not “reality” to us by any means.  Reality involves family, tears, frustration, pain, joy. It means living life as if the person […]