5 Reasons Why Resting B*tch Face is Just Part of Life

RBF is the newest ailment sweeping the nation.  People are walking around town, sitting at their desks or waiting in line at the movies with hideous scowls on their faces.

RBF, or Resting Bitch Face, has caused people at “rest” to appear mean instead of serene.

I’ve been trying to uncover the why’s behind this affliction and […]

If You Feel Trapped in Your Own Body, Take A Trip Through Your Soul

Introvert, worthless, selfless, living according to others expectations, afraid to stand out, having lots of love to give, but so less to receive.

Yes, girl, been there, done that!!! This was the perfect portrait of me, myself and I a few years ago.

I was feeling so not worthy to receive love, happiness, blissfulness.

I was feeling trapped […]

11 Reasons It Is Best to Have Multiple Mentors In Life

Thinking back to my school and university years and later starting my corporate career, I fondly think about the cousins, teachers, professors, seniors, managers and colleagues that played some kind of mentoring role in my life.

At that stage, I was not familiar with the term “mentor”, but the meaning and […]