I have anxiety, this is nothing new. People always wonder why because I always look happy and never panicked. Let me tell you a story…..

I went to the dermatologist today and I decided to dress up since I bought a new scarf and it’s finally cold enough to wear it. As soon as I walk […]

The Shit I Ate for Dinner and Why I’ll Never Clean Again

This is what I had for dinner tonight: most of a bag of Goldfish, two smooshed granola bars from God knows when, Ritz crackers, a weird carmel sucker that nearly pulled my teeth right out, and some Sugar Babies candy. I didn’t even know those existed. My daughter’s offering was only slightly better: […]


If you are reading this, not as a individual who has faced these thoughts or who has maybe even attempted suicide, just remember that sometimes the most beautiful people you meet in the world, sometimes the kindest people, the one’s who smile the brightest, are the ones who fight the toughest battles in […]