Making Friends

“I don’t know how to make friends.”

“What do men do together? Don’t they just hang out, drink beer, and watch football?”

“Men just don’t get close like women do, it would just be weird.”

I spent most of the years of my marriage hiding – first because we were newlyweds. Then we started having children, and with […]

If You are Going to Have a Girls Night Out, You Must Follow These Rules

Do you know the rules for a girls night out?

As dramatic as it sounds, the rules for a girls night out are simple because it’s about safety, courtesy and of course friendship. There’s so much that could happen at a girls night out and regret should be the last thing.

Let’s say there’s a guy checking […]

This Is Why You Should Never Date Your Friends Ex

My advice right in the beginning:

Seriously…don’t do it!

It’s one of the rules of “the girl code” that you never mess with the ex of a friend of yours!

You might think she’s over her last relationship, but you can’t see into her heart.

She might said she doesn’t care about him anymore but that doesn’t mean she […]

To My Forever Tribe, I Would Hate To Do Life Without You

There’s a common saying regarding raising a child.  You’ve heard it, I’m sure, a million times before; it goes a little something like this – “it takes a village.”  As I think on this phrase I have to say that LIFE takes a village.. ADULTING takes a village.. Getting through grad school one existential crisis […]

Third Party Interference: Shut Up and Listen

When I accepted that first date, reciprocated the first kiss, and agreed to enter marriage, I obviously was keeping my focus on the one person I was sharing those moments with. What we fail to remember when we are in a committed relationship, is that it doesn’t just stay within the couple.

Your relationship will have […]

If Your Friends Are Only ‘Kind Of’ There For You, It’s Time To Ditch Them

Life is too short to waste time on anything that doesn’t make you completely happy, especially friendships. You deserve to be surrounded by loving, caring people who are genuinely interested in your life, how your day was, or what […]