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Men Can Wear Women’s Clothing And Shouldn’t Be Judged For It

During the past months, I’ve been doing research on celebrity fashions, and a few different celebrities have popped up that I have seen so far. I have even come across a Face book page titled “Women wear pants. Let Men wear skirts”. This Face book page has many different pictures of men wearing skirts, but […]

Why It’s Best To Splurge On Professional Makeup

I have been wearing make-up for almost half of my life.  I’ve done it all.  Experimented with body glitter from Bath and Body Works, wore metallic blue liquid eye liner from Claire’s, used enough bronzer to resemble an Oompa Loompa extra.

I went through my awkward practicing phase of wearing too much black eyeliner, confused subtle […]

Once I Became A Mom My Priorities Changed, For The Better

Every time someone starts a story with “back in the day”, they are normally referring to a better time in their life.

Not this one. I used to consider myself a pretty average girl before my children.

I was the type to get a manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks, my hair was always done, I always […]

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Piercing Your/Your Child’s Ears!

So, I know there is a lot of controversy over Claires/Icing, Walmart, Home, and Professional/Tattoo Parlor piercings. There’s also a lot of controversy over getting a childs ear pierced at a young age over getting them done when they are a little older. I am here to touch on the topic and give my […]