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Pinko Design

We have Pinko in our shop and i thought it would be nice to know some more about this brand..Pinko is not a familiar brand to me but their clothes and accesoires are of high quality and are showed by supermodels.. so they are well-known in Fashionland..

Pinko was established in 1986 in Fidenza (Italy) by Pietro […]

Men Can Wear Women’s Clothing And Shouldn’t Be Judged For It

During the past months, I’ve been doing research on celebrity fashions, and a few different celebrities have popped up that I have seen so far. I have even come across a Face book page titled “Women wear pants. Let Men wear skirts”. This Face book page has many different pictures of men wearing skirts, but […]

Why It’s Best To Splurge On Professional Makeup

I have been wearing make-up for almost half of my life. ¬†I’ve done it all. ¬†Experimented with body glitter from Bath and Body Works, wore metallic blue liquid eye liner from Claire’s, used enough bronzer to resemble an Oompa Loompa extra.

I went through my awkward practicing phase of wearing too much black eyeliner, confused subtle […]