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BoxyCharm June2017 Review (DownTown Charm)

This months BoxyCharm for the month of June 2017 was my first Boxycharm box.  Ever since opening the box I have loved every product I have received. Down below will be a review of every single product aswell as a link to the product so you can get more information. The overall box was amazing.

If you don’t know what Boxycharm is it’s a subscription service where you receive 5-6 full sized items a month for $21.00. The boxes overall value is always over $100(I will put the boxes total value at the end of this post). In my personal opinion this is definitely worth the money. The products Boxycharm provides ranges from Skincare, Beauty, Hair care, Brushes, ETC.

From videos I have seen Boxycharm does not repeatedly send the same product, might be the same brand but a different product. Speaking of brands from what I’ve seen and experienced Boxycharm only provides luxury brands. I will let you decide whether or not you think this is a great deal from my reviews of the box aswell as the products.

My Boxycharm link:

RealHer Eye shadow Palette II “Do Your Squats” ($28.00)




This eye shadow palette has many different opinions on it. Many people love it and others don’t. I happen to be one of those that love it. The colors are very soft and pigmented. They do however have quite a bit of fallout but I don’t mind it. Just have to tap the excess product off and you’re good to go. The colors are on the warmer side, which I love. Five of the colors (Limitless, Bodacious, Dazzling, Awesome, and Terrific) have glitter in them. The other four (Driven, Invincible, Indomitable, and Unshakeable) are matte. I knew this product was going to be in the box due to Boxycharms Instagram. If you love eye shadows I say to buy this palette its worth the money in my opinion.


Biobelle Sheet Mask “3 pack” ($14.97)








I know it says three pack I already used one of them, actually by the time I am writing this I have used two of them (one while writing this). These masks are my new holy grail! I absolutely love them. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. They are very hydrating. Most masks I have used will have my face feeling dried out by the time I go to bed, the results also don’t last. With these masks the results last for a few days. The first day I used these masks my skin felt so moisturized and soft for about 3 days. These masks are a must have!!!

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder “Illuminati” ($26.99)


This powder is indeed a highlighter. I have heard many great things about this highlighter and when I saw it was going to be in the box, I got excited. I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I love the highlight itself. It gives a great glow to the tops of your cheekbones. The only thing I hate about this product is the packaging. Since this is a loose powder the product gets everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Besides that little drawback this is overall an amazing product. I highly recommend it to anyone that is a highlight junkie like I am.





Ofra Liquid Lipstick “Tuscany” ($19.90)


I haven’t really worn this all that much but from what I can tell from when I have worn this its a great liquid lipstick. On my lips it has a matte finish and its actually moisturizing, unlike most matte liquid lipsticks. I got this in the shade Tuscany but if you had gotten this box you could have gotten Santa Ana aswell. I am in love with this shade. I’m not that great at describing shades but according to they describe this shade as a “muted mauve-red”. I know this is absolutely a beautiful color.

This is another product I knew was going to be in the box. The Luxie Pro Precision Tapered Brush ‘640’ in Rose Gold. This brush can be used many different ways, highlight, blush, dusting away powders, etc. I personally love this brush for blush. The brush itself is pretty flimsy, I believe it was put in the box for the highlight we received, but I don’t like flimsy brushes for highlight. This is perfect for blush if you want that subtle look.

I absolutely love every product in this months box. I cant wait to receive next months. I will also be doing another BoxyCharm review when I use the products enough to get my thoughts on them. So look forward to the next BoxyCharm post!


Total Box Value: $113.86



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