Why I Believe There Is Zero Logic In Regret

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Why I Believe There Is Zero Logic In Regret


Yeah, you read right. There’s nothing worse than regret. There’s nothing worse than looking back and seeing what you should have done. Or hearing the words you should have said repeatedly in your head.

Regret, it’s a spiraling bomb locked inside your cerebral cortex. But what is the actual cause and weight of this regret? What is the effect of disregarding such negative emotion?

Is it so much to ask that this withered core of ill functioning humanity be stripped of one of our ailments?

Should we be weighed down with the mistakes and missteps of the past? I think not. I believe we should be free of these doubts and cracks within our otherwise well-composed foundation of beliefs.

We live inside these glass cases waiting for the first stone to be thrown. We swirl and thrive within this fanatically spinning exchange of information. But we fail to verbally explain the thoughts swirling in our brain? Do we regret this?

No. We keep moving.

So if we fail to regret speaking of our own truths, why regret a line spoken nearly 15 years ago? There’s no logic behind regret. No place for its false insecurity.

There’s no sense wishing you’d done it differently when it’s made you who are you.

Regret. Yeah, you read this right.

I’m telling you to stop regretting.

You’ve become the you that you are now by being who are you. So what’s stopping you now? Life? Love? Bad memories? Don’t let them impede, let them conceive.


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