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13 Phrases Guys Use That Let You Know The Truth About Their Intentions

Well there’s this guy you are interested in…the one who texts you all the time, who flirts with you, laughs with you and you seem to be totally on the same page. You are waiting for the right words, the right move to take this further and to be in a relationship with him.
But you […]

If You are Going to Have a Girls Night Out, You Must Follow These Rules

Do you know the rules for a girls night out?

As dramatic as it sounds, the rules for a girls night out are simple because it’s about safety, courtesy and of course friendship. There’s so much that could happen at a girls night out and regret should be the last thing.

Let’s say there’s a guy checking […]

This Is Why You Should Never Date Your Friends Ex

My advice right in the beginning:

Seriously…don’t do it!

It’s one of the rules of “the girl code” that you never mess with the ex of a friend of yours!

You might think she’s over her last relationship, but you can’t see into her heart.

She might said she doesn’t care about him anymore but that doesn’t mean she […]

To The Girl Who Keeps Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics, This Is How To Respond

I’m sure all women have experiences in this matter, unfortunately. Here are some bold and funny ways how you could respond…

Out of nowhere you get a message.
What the hell? This guy just send you a dick picture.
Ugh, don’t we all know that move?

I’ll give you my best and funniest advice as first:
Just […]

This Is What A Typical Day In An Abusive Relationship Is Like

Today, I’ll take you on a journey with me.

Just imagine:

You are living together with your boyfriend/husband and he comes back from work. It’s hot as hell outside and he takes a shower. You waited for him and he’s in a good mood.

Then he tells you to get lemon juice from the store and you dare […]

A Swiss Girl Living In America Talking About Life In Switzerland…Part 1

I recently stumbled upon an article with some pretty weird and wrong facts about Switzerland written by globe travellers.

This inspired me to write this article as I had a good laugh and I can tell you a lot about my country and the differences to living in America.

I don’t know where those globe travellers got […]

Annoying Things Men Do In Their Dating Profiles, That Aren’t Getting Them Lucky

1. Group shots

If I can’t see which one he is, it’s an instant no. Some guys only post group pictures. Is he hiding? Seriously what is he doing? It’s okay when there is a group pic to show me he has friends but I don’t do the guessing game. The main pic should be him […]