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Hi, my name is Justice Parker. I am co-owner of this website. I have a passion for writing. And I am a young mom who is fueled by a sassy little girl, strong coffee and loud laughter.

20 Reasons That Prove We Are Watching ‘Big Paul’ Instead of Big Brother

I truly believe choosing to bring Paul back automatically sent this season into the ground. And what is sad about that, is Paul isn’t even a ‘master manipulator’, he is just surrounded by a bunch of unmotivated, boring house guests.

No one in that house, aside from Paul, knows how to play the game and if […]

38 Reasons Why Big Brother 19 Might be the Worst Season Yet

If you are a Big Brother junkie like me, you might be going through a “phase” right now.

You don’t know whether you love it or hate it this season. It’s definitely a back and forth argument in your head.

Ever season of BB is different, they all have something special that makes it a unique season, […]