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Hi, my name is Justice Parker. I am co-owner of this website. I have a passion for writing. And I am a young mom who is fueled by a sassy little girl, strong coffee and loud laughter.


If you are reading this, not as a individual who has faced these thoughts or who has maybe even attempted suicide, just remember that sometimes the most beautiful people you meet in the world, sometimes the kindest people, the one’s who smile the brightest, are the ones who fight the toughest battles in […]

20 Reasons That Prove We Are Watching ‘Big Paul’ Instead of Big Brother

I truly believe choosing to bring Paul back automatically sent this season into the ground. And what is sad about that, is Paul isn’t even a ‘master manipulator’, he is just surrounded by a bunch of unmotivated, boring house guests.

No one in that house, aside from Paul, knows how to play the game and if […]

38 Reasons Why Big Brother 19 Might be the Worst Season Yet

If you are a Big Brother junkie like me, you might be going through a “phase” right now.

You don’t know whether you love it or hate it this season. It’s definitely a back and forth argument in your head.

Ever season of BB is different, they all have something special that makes it a unique season, […]