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I am a lover of words, Metal/Rock music, coffee, and chocolate. I am an advocate for the disability community. I am a CP fighter (Cerebral Palsy.) I am a woman with a message for the world.

The Struggle Before The Triumph in being in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard. And when I say that I don’t mean because of the obvious. Unlike The T.V. Show, 90-Day Fiancee, Chris and I don’t glorify our relationship with cameras. That is not “reality” to us by any means.  Reality involves family, tears, frustration, pain, joy. It means living life as if the person […]

Remove The Non progressive Sticker When Taking About Cerebral Palsy

Remove The Non-progressive sticker when talking about CP

Cerebral Palsy,  which is the most common childhood disability in the world, with 17 million affected by CP (myself being one of them.) I was told from a very young age, that my cerebral palsy would either get worse or it would not.

“Okay, well that’s great. Thanks for […]