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About Anthony DeNovellis

Living from a space of peace, joy, and abundance, I teach men and couples from my experience in overcoming addiction and betrayal, and help them to create the marriages, and the lives, they want to be living.

Making Friends

“I don’t know how to make friends.”

“What do men do together? Don’t they just hang out, drink beer, and watch football?”

“Men just don’t get close like women do, it would just be weird.”

I spent most of the years of my marriage hiding – first because we were newlyweds. Then we started having children, and with […]

Being Unconditional With Sex

“I need to have sex.”

“I need sex more than my wife does.”

“My wife should understand and provide for my need for sex.”

“My wife needs to fulfill all of my sexual needs.”

“If my wife loved me more, she would have sex with me whenever I want.”


These are statements that I lived by. I believed them, I […]