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Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm addicted to Starbucks and my pomeranian Tinkerbell. I'm a grad student finishing my master's degree in Counseling. I'm passionate about art, music, movies, makeup, and literature. Pretty generic bio, I know; but this is me - take it or leave it. Things you can expect from my blog: humor, positive psychology, life advice/hacks, relationship do's and don'ts (based on MY experience), articles on coffee or makeup... A lot of self-development and discovery. Like I mentioned, my articles stem from my experience and emotions. I may not be your cup of tea - and that is totally okay! Eventually I want to add some Vlogs on make-up and hair styling; but I'm not quite what they call "tech savvy" so whatever I create will take time! And again, my way of doing my hair and makeup may not work for you - but at least it gives you a different perspective. Perspective - which is really all this blog is about. Life through my eyes to yours. Sure it's a rough way of showing it and maybe even passive aggressive when I write in ways that may induce some thinking "there's no way this is about her" or "she wouldn't really admit to this would she?" But if I'm anything it's surprisingly unique. What you see is what you get; and always be prepared for a curve ball or two. So that's that. My little shpeel on me and how this blog works. If you like what you read please share! If you are dying for more, check out the main page for other articles written by some fabulous people! Happy reading x

To My Forever Tribe, I Would Hate To Do Life Without You

There’s a common saying regarding raising a child.  You’ve heard it, I’m sure, a million times before; it goes a little something like this – “it takes a village.”  As I think on this phrase I have to say that LIFE takes a village.. ADULTING takes a village.. Getting through grad school one existential crisis […]

20 Annoying Things We Tell Ourselves that Tear Us Down

We all do it.  Whether it’s looking in the mirror every morning and counting off all of the things we hate about ourselves my eyes are too squinty, my arms are too long, I’m too skinny, I’m too fat, I’ll never look like Kate Upton…

We constantly degrade ourselves on what we don’t have rather than praise […]

6 Ways to Recharge after a Break-up

So you’ve found yourself at the end of another relationship.

You’re probably working your way through those five stages of grief right now (denial, anger, rationalizing, depression, and acceptance).  You’ve reluctantly made it through the first three and realized that you need to start really moving on – because no one can live on chocolate, ice […]